Monday, May 20, 2013

The End is Nigh

The end of the school year that is! The kiddos have eight more days of school and then they are done for the school year. Hard to believe that my two itty bitties will be starting first and fourth grade in August considering I swear they JUST started this school year a week or two ago, right?

The biggest change of all this year has been SarahAnne. She went from crying every day the first week of school to being sad about school being over because she'll miss her friends. She's gone from not wanting to read anything to voraciously reading every thing she can get her hot little hands on. She was shy and not wanting to talk to other kiddos to being a little social butterfly who has many inquires for playdates. It's been so fun watching the change itty Bits has gone through in the last nine months.

Gabriel has done very well in third grade; he's made a few good friends and seems to coming into his own as a preteen boy (side note: PRETEEN BOY!??!! how in god's name did that happen??)

Now to start the summer which should be fun. We have all sorts of plans-a trip to New York in June, a weekend away to Michigan, a tumbling and cheer leading class for Bitsy, golf lessons for Gabe, and all sorts of other fun stuff (including floating in the local pool a couple of evenings to watch a movie :P)

Hope the school year has been productive and wonderful for the rest of you!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy happy HAPPY!

A very happy 80th birthday to dear sweet Grandma the Great today :) Eighty years and still as amazing and fabulous as ever. Love you lots and lots...and be on the look out for a special blog post for you this weekend :P


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