Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Already?

Jeez, the week goes by so quickly! During the summer we don't go to summer because there is no Sunday school. Mr. Ants-in-the-pants McGee cannot sit still for long enough to sit through a church service, so generally we stay home during the summer. Hopefully Sunday School will start next Sunday and we'll start going back...Bitsy is old enough to be in her own classroom this year :O Whether or not she'll actually stay there is the question.

SarahAnne is one of the most shy children I have ever seen. She is so shy that when she is with a group of people, even family members (other than Geo, Gabe, and I) she rarely speaks and doesn't really interact with anyone. At her birthday party in March, she actually spent most of the day in her bedroom by herself, chatting to her stuffed animals. If we have family over, as we did a few weekends ago, she will check everyone out, then retreat to her room for a while. She gets overwhelmed quickly and some of our family still doesn't "get it" If people don't try to hug and kiss her and get into her face, she is fine. A lot of times we hear "she doesn't like ANYONE except you Chrissi" and the ever so popular "You need to stop breastfeeding her then she'll come to other people" (Yep, still nursing at 17 months ;) she's slowed down to only a few sessions a day but she is still nursing! yay) Just because Gabe has always been VERY social and willing to go to anyone and everyone (and still is) doesn't mean SarahAnne is the same way! Jeez oh pete's people, she's been this way for nearly a year and a half...

We decided to take a nice long walk this morning, we stopped for pancakes, hit up hallmark, and then went to the pet store. We are "regulars" at the pet store, ha ha, they know we don't have pets at home (big no no in our complex) so we go there a couple of times a week to get our pet fix. This morning we pet kittens, rabbits, guinea pigs, and a poodle. I believe Gabe pet a chinchilla as well. SarahAnne, as usual, was fascinated by the birds. They moved their display so the birds were at eye level for her. She was quite excited.

How about a picture of my sweet shy girl?

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Two Mini Chefs!

We have two budding chefs in our midst. We are grilling tonight-it's in the mid 80's and Geo is home for the night, so why not?! I found a recipe for grilled peaches with bourban vanilla whipped cream *drools* and figured we'd try it tonight. Gabe whipped the cream. He loves holding the hand mixer and although it took ten minutes he made a wonderful whipped cream! Bitsy, not to be left out, took the silicone brush and brushed the peaches with olive oil...and then licked the brush *gag* She was NOT impressed by the way it tasted and tossed the brush at me, as if to make her point. he he ;D

Hope you're all enjoying the long weekend!

Friday, August 29, 2008

It's official

I am a soccer mom. Gabe is all signed up, registered, and paid in full for soccer this season. Technically it's a pre soccer program, called Little Kickers. He will be learning the fundamentals of the game before he starts in a soccer league. *sigh* How in the world is he even big enough to play soccer? Seriously, he's not old enough is he?! ;)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Update on the updates :D

I've decided to turn this into a family blog, not just centered on Gabe and Bits. Our family is the most important thing to us and we'd like to share that ;D
Future updates will be all about all of us :D

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Day of Firsts

Gabe had two firsts today (ok, in the past 24 hours if you want to get technical!) Gabe had his first "sleep away" at Grandma's house last night and then, about a half an hour ago, he had his first bloody nose. He was so calm and collected about it. He came out of his bedroom and said "Hmm, Mom, there's blood in my nose" and his face was covered. WHAT? Of course your face is covered kid, your nose is bleeding like crazy. He said to me "I don't know what happened, I was fine and then there was blood, can you fix it?" Of course I can ;)

He had fun at Grandma's house, which was a good thing. He's spent all of one night away from us in four and a half years-other than the first 16 days of his life. I was nervous and nearly cried, nevermind that he was a mere 20 minutes from us, it might as well have been halfway around the Earth! He didn't want to leave Grandma's house this morning for Occupational Therapy. Grandma and Grandpa have video games, something Geo and I don't normally allow him to play and he was playing a car game happily when we came to pick him up. Poor Gabe ha ha ;)

Bitsy was BEYOND happy to see him this morning. She kept trying to kiss him. She was lost without him last night. She actually fell asleep an hour before her normal time to fall asleep! She slept in as well...Geo and I think we'll be sending him away more not really ;) They've been practically inseperable all day, which is cute. Sometimes Gabe acts like he can't stand her...but deep down it's apparent that he adores her. The feeling is very mutual.
A few new pictures of the kiddos
SarahAnne looks SO much older than 17 months when her hair is in pigtails!

I swear, if I could get Gabriel to open his eyes FULLY for a picture, I would fall over in a stupor!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Four months?!

I had such good intentions when I started this blog for the kiddos. *sigh* what's the old saying about the road to hell being paved with good intentions?

Gabe and SarahAnne are getting so big...and are a joy to be around...and they are a handful. Ha ha. Gabe is no longer four, in fact, if you ask him, he will tell you that he is four and a half Bitsy is 17 months, and really not that bitsy at all. How did they get so old??

Gabe was downtown last week at Children's Memorial Hospital to have his kidneys checked. They are perfect according to his doctor. He is finally 40 inches tall and weighs in at 38.5 pounds. He's a beanpole, pants fall off of him and shirts are always too short. He wears a size 11 or 12 shoe, depending on the brand and whether or not he wears his braces. His current obsession is camoflage gear. I believe he has four pair of camo shorts now, green camo, that is, he also has one pair of BLACK camo. As we started shopping for fall, he just HAD to have a pair of camo cargo pants, as well as a pair of khaki cargos like Daddy wears ;) He loves muscle cars and can identify a Mustang from a block away, just from the way the engine sounds. It's to the point where we don't question if he is right or wrong when he identifies a car because he is NEVER wrong. Case in point, last night there was a classic car show by the house. From a distance he saw a car and said "That's a Shelby Mustang" I said, "Ok sure" and didn't think anything of it...until about ten minutes later when we ran out for something and ended up with the car in front of us. He said to me "oh there's the Shelby Mustang I saw" Of course, he was right, the plate had a holder on it that said "Shelby Mustang" *sigh* He's always right about cars.

SarahAnne...oh my little Bitsy. She is trouble. Capital T trouble. She is a climber, a jumper, a screamer, and a little lover. I have more grey hair on my head because of her than anything else in my life. She is shyer than shy around people but talks your ear off if she knows you. When you ask her if she wants something, she cocks her head and says "Hmmm, hmmm, um, yeah" and then will point to it, or if she knows the word, will say what she wants. She has started using the word "please" however, she seems to think that saying please will get her whatever she wants, even if it's something she is NOT supposed to have. She will repeat "please please please" in her breathy little girl voice until she gets what she wants OR until Momma tells her no enough. Ha ha. She adores Gabriel and loves nothing more than to climb up into bed with him and snuggle. Whenever they sit in the living room together, Gabe sits up on the couch with his long legs dangling over the side and she sits between his feet and more often than not, falls asleep there. She calls him Gabe sometimes, but mostly calls him "bruh bruh" Gabriel refers to her as "Bits" or "Bitsapova" (as in Sarah Bitsapova. She has one outfit that looks like a tennis outfit and Geo, the sports nut he is, jokingly said she looks like Maria Sharapova...instead she's Sarah Bitsapova...we're dorks, I know) She is scheduled for her 18 month check up in three weeks, so I don't have any recent stats on her. She's tall and chunky. She has rolls on her thighs and big chubby cheeks...our little Bitsy, such a little love.

I'll leave you with the promise that I will start updating more often...


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