Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Childs' Logic

Earlier this week I had an awful migraine; it was so bad in fact that I lost the vision in my left eye temporarily and ended up in the emergency room (I am fine now, lots of heavy duty drugs and lots of rest did wonders) As we were sitting on the car waiting for hh to drive me to the hospital, Bits said to me "ooooh mom I really hope you are blind in your eye" I told her not to say something so awful and she said,"but momma, if you got blind you could get a helper dog! They even write stuff for you" At that point I just had to laugh because of course that's how she'd look at it. Since getting Betsy, she has been trying to convince us to get another dog, because we have two cats, so why not two dogs??? Crazy girl

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Long hot summer days

Sorry for the lack of posting! I see that the last time I updated was right before the recital in May, whoops. When Gabe started summer vacation we made the choice to unplug from the internet and cable and take a "media" break, if you will. It's been quite nice actually; we didn't realize how dependent we were on the internet and tv to keep us entertained. So far this summer we've swam, we've gone go carting, we've gone mini golfing, we go to the library a couple of times a week, both kids have finished their summer reading for the library already--we've gone and seen the Kane County Cougars play a game as well as a huge fireworks display. We've walked a lot-especially since we added a puppy to the family (Miss Betsy Bellafleur--pics to come) We've been growing tomatoes, we've been staying up late for family movie nights complete with popcorn and sleepovers on the living room floor. We've gone to the splash park, the movie theater, and the butterfly gardens. We've had bbq's and parties with friends, we've had an itty bitty guy named Skybaby hanging out at the house for a few weeks during the day. We've listened to music and discovered pretty much every fact about the Titanic that one person possibly can. We've planned next years' vacation (a camping trip to Mt. Rushmore!) and we've bowled, bowled, and bowled some more.

It's amazing what you can find time to do when you're not glued to a tv screen or sitting in front of a computer! We've all been having a lot of fun...though Daddy does have to go back to work tonight after being off for TWO weeks. We'll miss him, buuuuut someone has to work to pay for all the fun stuff we like to do hehe. I'll check in soon and we'll be back on line in the next month or so :) Hope you're all enjoying your summer!


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