Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Dryer Portal

My dearest socks,

        We desperately need to have a chat. You are multiplying somewhere in this house; there are only four of us yet suddenly there are enough socks in the odd sock basket to outfit at least 50 or more people...if those fifty people only had one foot. How on earth do we have so many ODD socks? I can't figure it out. I am getting to the point where I am finding socks I've never even seen in the basket. I want to know if this is some sort of sick joke the sock gods are playing on me or has our dryer suddenly become a portal that sucks in OTHER people's odd socks? Wait, this makes sense now, somewhere there must be a mother like myself who thought she only had the socks to outfit four people who is suddenly finding odd socks that don't fit anyone in her house and that she's never seen. There is a dryer portal and all of our socks are being mixed up somewhere in there. Well played dryer portal, well played...now can you please send someone to FOLD all of these suckers?!


Monday, January 28, 2013

Bits and Bots

What day is it today? It surely cannot be a Monday because my day has been far too organized to be a Monday. Monday and I don't agree on many things, particularly that I would like to be organized and it would like to continue to be a lazy pain in the rear. Often Monday comes and tries to kick my butt with motivation and I have to sit down, crack open a diet coke and tell it to sit on a tack. Today has been an out of the ordinary day for me; I not only managed to a) have the kids backpacks completely organized b) have Gabe's lunch packed and c) have the kids to school on time, I also managed to make approximately 45893 phone calls, set some appointments, pay a bill, have my back adjusted, and do a little thrift store shopping (Monday's are 25% off everything day which  I never remember but I did today! huzzah!) Surely all of this productivity will come back to bite me in the rear, but in the mean time, Monday, sit on a tack.

One of the appointments I made today was for Mr. Nibbler, who has become quite the surly little bastard lately. (Side note: When I visualize the words "surly bastard" I see a man with a beard and tattoos who scowls a lot...is it just me who sees that? It is? Oh...moving on then) Nibbler has decided that he needs to be the Alpha in our house so he sprayed my couch with urine, then because that didn't work because of the amazing Nature's Miracle orange scented oxy cleaner that shockingly worked, he sprayed a piece of cardboard. God love the little nitwit, he's not so bright and didn't realize I would just pick it up and throw it away. Can't blame a guy for trying I guess. Next week he's losing his hairballs and hopefully the surly bastard attitude as well. I mean seriously Nibbler, we LIKE you, we want to pet you and feed you treats and all you want to do is bite us...and you wonder why the dog tried to eat you...

Wait, did I forget to tell you about the incident last week with Betsy trying to eat Nibbler? Oh that one was fantastic. I was doing laundry, as I always am-I mean seriously people, would it kill you to wear something more than once or in the case of Bitsy, for more than five seconds?! I could hear Betsy's tags rattling so I turned around...just in time to see Nibbler's entire head in Betsy's mouth. I shouted "Betsy" and she let the cat go and the cat looked at me as if to say "holy crap, what was that?!" and Betsy gave me that innocent dog look, you know the one that says "who me? do something wrong? NOOOOOO not me" It was hilarious only because Nibbler was fine. It's almost like Betsy just opened her mouth and tried to swallow him-he wasn't even fighting her about it. The pets in this house are so so bizarre. They might be weirder than the kids actually.

I started this entry earlier today when I had a ton of ambition and wit about me...and then I got a headache and had to lay down. Thankfully a nap, Tylenol, and some diet coke seem to have gotten rid of it but wheweee. What a crappy interruption for my day! Now for some tv, some homework and sending the kiddos to bed!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy birthday G da G!

Today is Great Grandpa's birthday and to follow in the tradition we have each year, I asked Gabe how old Grandpa was today...his answer (drum roll please) 80! Bits didn't want to be left out so I asked, "Alright Bitsy, how old is Gramps the great today?" She very matter of factly answered "90" wellll you win some you lose some right?! haha! Hope it's been a fabulous day for you Gramps! Love you lots!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sam On Head

Gabe has had Sam the dog since he was hours old. My aunt gave him Sam, who came with the name tag of "Samson for strength" and other things but it was a long time ago and I've forgotten the rest of it as really, the only thing that mattered was "for strength" in my mind. I don't know if it was a conscious choice that she made when getting Sam (for strength) but knowing her it was and he's stood true to his name over the last eight years, 11 months and 8 days *gulp*

Sam comes to all of Gabe's "big" appointments with him. Sam has had an mri or two or three, x rays, he's been casted, he's had his "teeth" checked. He is completely current on his immunizations and gets a flu shot each year. He is grimy and matted despite regular washings, his nose and eyes are chipped from being tossed in the air and on the ground and chewed on by a teething Gabe. Sam is the ultimate headache cure; he is put on top of your head when a headache strikes and he magically takes it away. If your stomach hurts, Sam lays on your tummy. If your sister is sick and you don't know what to do, Sam steps in. When Mom has had a bad day and needs a snuggle, SAM to the rescue. Sam was the subject of Gabe's first sentence: "Sam on head" Sam is the subject of one of my absolute favorite photos of Gabe of all time "Sam in a can" Sam is the be all and end all of anything and everything in Gabe's life.

But poor Sam is looking rough these days. This last MRI and IV took a toll on him, he's getting tired and starting to show signs of his age and all that he's been through...and I think Gabe may be sensing that. Sam stays on the bed more often than not now, only touched BY Gabe and only in certain ways. The cats and dog are not allowed near Sam as he probably couldn't withstand a tug of war with any of them. Sam has been the one constant in Gabe's life as he's gone through tests and pokes and prods and general unpleasantness and I dread the day that Sam is no longer able to accompany us to these appointments because if I'm honest, Sam is MY companion as much as he is Gabe's. Friday as I sat in the chilly MRI waiting room, Sam sat on my shoulder as a little comfort measure. Every time I turned my head I caught the faint smell of Gabe and his 100% boyishness. I could see the scratches and chunks out of his eyes and nose that reminded me so acutely of the teething baby I once had.

 One day Gabe was itty bitty and Sam was fluffy and clean and now Gabe is nearly up to my shoulder and Sam is grizzled and worn. I know how Sam feels...I just hope that once Gabe moves on and doesn't need Sam and I to comfort him, we'll have each other to snuggle with, thinking about the little blond who used to need us so so much and is now so independent and amazing. Sam on head...sam on heart.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Grey On His Chin

Many many years ago, I met a handsome fella named George. He had a long ponytail of hair, always wore a hat, his standard outfit was a concert t shirt, ripped jeans, and a flannel shirt, AND he had the cutest baby face. He couldn't grow a beard if he tried, let alone a mustache or any other type of facial hair. As luck would have it, I fell head over heels in love with this guy and fifteen years later here we are, happy as pigs in mud on a hot day.

Over the years he has changed his hair style; keeping the same short cropped hair cut for the last ten years or so. He's experimented with different facial hair styles as well; going so far as to grow a full on "play off beard" a few years back when his beloved Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup (boys and their silly sports rituals, am I right?! haha)

All along the way, my hair has changed too (though not my facial hair thank you very much) The length and style have all changed, the color has changed from brown to red to black to a ridiculous looking eggplant purple back to brown again...except for some pesky wiry grey hairs that seem to multiply every time I look in the mirror. Lest you think I am kidding, I once had a woman ask if I highlighted my hair silver on purpose. I am 33 years old and nearly half grey. I go through fits and starts where I decide that I am going to color the hell out of my hair so no one sees the grey...and then I decide to say screw that, grey is beautiful and I love it and screw you if you don't like it. I just got off a two year screw it phase where I let all the grey come through and have the au natural look and then in a fit of despair I colored it again and now after being in the pool a few times a week all of those greys are showing again...oh well ;)

All through the years I have watched George's hair carefully to find the first sign of grey hair; surely a man of his age would have SOME grey by now, right? RIGHT?! It only seems fair that since *I* have the stretch marks and saggy breasts from pregnancy and birth and the grey hair that inevitably comes along with raising children that he should have his fair share of the greys too, right?

Alas, there is no grey in his hair, nor is his hair thinning at all, in fact, his hair is healthier than it's been in years. He has a gorgeous head of hair and there's no grey in sight.

His goatee however, is a completely different story. His goatee is wiry and fantastic; Bits loves to play with his goatee when she sits on his lap; he likes to rub his sopping wet goatee on my face after he gets out of a shower mostly, I think, to hear me giggle because I have it on good authority he enjoys not only making me laugh but HEARING me laugh. The hair on his chin grows in a few different colors, mostly shades of auburn and brown but recently a curious color has popped up. Yes, that's right, GREY! There are a few grey's right in the middle of his goatee, though glancing at him you wouldn't notice them right away, as it's a rather thick patch of hair and most people don't get that close to his face.

I thought all along that I would gloat when the day came and he was finally showing signs of his age; I thought I'd dance around and say "ha ha ha ha you have grey hair!" buuuuut that hasn't happened and I don't SEE it happening anytime soon. I hate to say it but I find it kind of attractive. I like that fact that the grey came on gradually for him. After all these years together the grey seems to say "ah yes, here I am, a mature man, sure of who I am and what I've done. I've been through a lot and better days are ahead but here is the mark of those struggles" It's a visible reminder, to me anyway, that we've both grown so much since those early days of being together, since the days of eating ramen noodles and worrying about Gabriel and having a small apartment with too many books and not enough money and whew. It's been a lot but here we are on the other side with only small battle scars to show...grey hair on his chin...and four million on MY head...okay maybe I may gloat a little about it to him, just for fun...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hell Week has been cancelled

Thanks to a little bug our doctor has referred to as "super bronchitis" Gabe is staying home for the next two days nursing this nasty bug. He'll have his MRI done next week so that his lungs have time to heal from the bugs running rampant in there.

Thankfully no one else seems to have this bug, thank goodness. Bits went to school today and then had dance class and is now peacefully laying on the couch just about asleep for the night. HH is getting ready for work and I'm getting ready to relax for the night and sleep in tomorrow, provided Gabe's hacking doesn't get too bad.

Hope everyone is doing well :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Oh Gabriel

Gabe can't seem to get a break lately; over Christmas break he had a weirdly virus that caused his body to break out head to toe in hives. As if THAT weren't bad enough, he then had an allergic reaction the dye in the benadryl which resulted in even MORE hives. Allegra finally did the trick and got rid of all of the hives, just in time for him to go back to school Monday and promptly sprain his ankle. Not just a simple twist, no no, not for Gabe; he sprained it so badly that his pediatrician was fairly certain it was fractured. He and I sat in the hospital for two hours on Tuesday to find out that they didn't think it was fractured, BUT if he was still having problems on Friday we'd need to come back and have more x rays done. He was told to take today off, keep it wrapped and iced and to take it easy. Thankfully our chiropractor had an opening today so he had some ultrasound therapy done on it and tonight it's not nearly as swollen as it was. Here's to hoping tomorrow is an okay day at school...


next week is officially hell week for Gabe. Monday he'll be going in to see his physical therapist to start  serial casting on his right ankle which is incredibly tight because he's gone through yet another growth spurt. Wednesday he has to see the allergist and have a scratch test done on his back (though I am going to try and have that rescheduled) and then Thursday he is having his every other yearly MRI of his spine and brain; he's now too old for oral sedation so he'll be put completely under which I absolutely hate but it's a necessity, he just can't lay still for an hour in an MRI machine.

You know, with everything Gabe goes through he still maintains a very sunny disposition. Sure he gets a bit irritated when he has a cast, mostly because it's heavy AND he can't take a proper shower, but for the most part he's okay with it. Thankfully with the sedation drugs he'll get, he won't remember most of the MRI experience and will just be a bit sleepy for the 24 hours after the procedure. I really wish I could be more like him; he seems to take things like this in stride; like "hey no biggie, ya gotta do what you gotta do" It's become so routine for him to see docs and nurses and therapists that he doesn't even seem to care anymore that we go and see people. He is always cheerful and talkative and seems to genuinely enjoy the people who treat him, even if he doesn't particularly like the procedure they are doing. The other night in the hospital getting his x rays done, he chatted with the xray tech about her kids and asked if she thought her job was cool because he thought it would be pretty cool to see people's bones all day long. I can't get over it, he's just so go with the flow about these things. I am in awe of his patience because lord knows he doesn't get it from me :P

If you'd keep Gabe in your thoughts in the next week, that'd be fantastic...and maybe even me too :)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Funday

Oh hooooooray! Today is the last day of winter break for the kids. Wait, did I say that out loud? Hmm, yes, yes I did. I loved having the kids home for about two days and then it got really old. (I'm exaggerating of course, the first week was fine ha ha) They've been so restless; Gabe has had a weird virus that causes him to break out in hives and feel miserable (but not contagious) there hasn't been any snow, and the weather has been crummy. The novelty of Christmas wore off for them and they were getting tired of not going to school. I am SO glad they were tired of NOT being in school; I love that they look forward to school and to learning. Gabe has always loved school and learning and I'm glad to see that SarahAnne seems to be following in his footsteps that way. In the meantime, we all slept in very late today (noon...oops) and daddy is grilling for us and we're going to settle in and watch some tv and play some video games...and go to bed early after baths where the children are scrubbed from head to toe and then some :D So glad to be getting back to "normal" tomorrow!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thankful Thursday: New Beginnings

Today I am especially thankful for new beginnings; the first of the year always brings such promise about what the next 365 days of the year can be like. This year I didn't make many resolutions; in fact, I think the only one I made was to focus on myself more. That probably seems selfish but the truth of the matter is, I can't take care of other people if I don't take care of myself. I was recently diagnosed with diabetes (which was NOT a huge surprise, but still sucks) and my doc told me it was time to start focusing on myself and my health more. I need to be around for my kids as they grow older, I need to be around for Geo as WE grow older. There's no excuse for putting myself on the back burner anymore-clearly it wasn't working that way so I'm trying something new. I'm thankful that I have the opportunity to make that change and thus it begins...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Winter Wonderland

Wordless Wednesday has words...sorry...

My topic is "Winter Wonderland" and I just want you all to know that we do NOT have a winter wonderland right now; it's very disappointing for the kids and I. Geo is happy about the lack of snow, but I think that's only because he doesn't like driving in it. We had grand plans of sledding and making snowmen and having a snowball fight over Christmas break but alas, mother nature had other ideas...at least what do have is making things very pretty :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Happy 2013 everyone! I've been very lax about posting lately, but I have resolved to fix that in the coming year :) Hope everyone had a super holiday and will have a happy healthy new year!!


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