Monday, March 23, 2009

Two year check up

Miss Bits saw the ped today for her two year check up. She's 34.5 inches tall and 29 and a half pounds!! Big girl. Doc was quite pleased with her development. Her vocabulary is astronomical, which if you know me, is no surprise. I can't even begin to list the words she has; it would be easier to list the words she does NOT have he he. Her favorite word is "tiny" everything is "tiny" She also loves the word "awesome"

If Bits gets excited, which she does quite often, she starts to clap and say "yay yay" She's SO expressive, you ALWAYS know where you stand with her. She is always wiggling her eyebrows up and down to convey her feelings.

She had to have one shot today and oh my goodness, did it upset Gabriel. He said to the nurse "you can't give that to my sister, she's too little" he he. As soon as she had the bandaid on, Gabe walked over and kissed her chubby little thigh. She stopped crying and said "thank you bruby, thank you kiss it better" so sweet.

Hope you are all doing well :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Bitsy Girl!!

Happy birthday to my sweet, independent, snuggly, cupcake for breakfast blond girl! We love you Bits!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Oh my word. Is there ANYTHING worse than teething!? (at least up to this point, I am sure teething will rate as a 0 on the Richter scale once the teen years hit)

My normally easy going, happy to climb in bed Bitsy has been fighting the system the last few days; screaming when going to bed, jamming things into her mouth (the poor cat ha ha), and pulling her ears. Last night, out of desperation, I stuck a finger into her mouth and found it. The first of the four dreaded two year molars. She seemed quite content to have MY finger in her mouth and calmed down considerably. A dose of motrin, an ice cold glass of 7-up (desperate times call for desperate measures people!) and some snuggles and she was fine. She ended up in my bed with me, all snuggly and warm and poor Geo had to sleep in her twin bed. I must say, though, the ballerina quilt was quite attractive on a 30 year old man scrunched into the bottom bunk of a twin sized bunk bed. he he.

Today was considerably calmer for her, that tooth must have come all the way out. Now to just get the other three out!

Two weeks until my itty bitty girl turns two...where in the world did the time go!?


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