Tuesday, October 30, 2012

So Big

SarahAnne has been in kindergarten for approximately two months now and she's becoming quite the pro at all things kinder related. Today for the first time all year, she got on the bus without looking back AND sat down in her seat without waving and blowing me four hundred kisses as she usually does. I'm not going to lie, that stings a little bit. I know she's getting bigger but...no kisses from the window? *sigh*

Bits has always been a shy little thing; cautious, reserved, not one to rush into anything or any situation she wasn't sure of. Kinder has been a massive boost for her in that regard. She speaks to other kids now without her big bruhby having to introduce her, she has a lot of equally as girly as her friends, and has started speaking up when in groups.

For a long time, all she's wanted to do is read. Read read read read read! Momma why can't I read? Why does Gabe get to read and I don't? Guess what??? She is reading! She has a list of about fifty sight words that grows every single day. She sat down and read me 90% of a beginning readers book the other day after insisting she couldn't read anything. A few weeks ago as she and I sat together she started reading words from a book and suddenly looked at me and asked "Mom, why do I know these words?" I said "because you are reading honey!" All of the sudden it seemed to hit her that, oh yeah, she COULD read and it's been non stop from there. Nothing warms my heart more than Gabe and Bits sitting side by side with their noses in books; when Bits gets stuck on a word, Gabe will lean over and look at it quickly and tell her what the word is and go right back to his reading. It's fantastic; actually, scratch that, it's MORE than fantastic. There isn't a word to describe it.

But...despite all of these leaps and bounds, I still can't believe there were no kisses after getting on the bus today..

Monday, October 29, 2012

Welcome to Our Zoo

Because our life isn't nearly insane enough, for my birthday HH gave me a kitten. For those keeping track at home, we now have two children, a dog, and three cats. The dog thinks she's a cat, the eldest cat thinks he's an old man, the middle cat thinks he is a dog, and the little cat is quite frankly, crabby as all get out. It really keeps us on our toes having all these furry creatures running around the house. At any given moment you can find a cat on a bed, a dog on a pillow, and a child draped on one of the animals. I'm so glad we have so many furry friends, some might think it's a little bit crazy but not us; I'm just thankful (ha) we don't have a larger house or we'd be in big trouble...now to break Bitsy's habit of begging for every animal we see at the pet store. This week it was a guinea pig, a few weeks back it was a bird, and the words "bunny" "fish" and "monkeys" have popped up in conversation as well :)

Please Stay Tuned

Stay tuned for brand new blog posts in the next few hours, days etc etc etc! We are FINALLY back up online and I shall be blogging regularly again :) To our East Coast friends and family, please stay safe, dry and warm-we're thinking of you!! Love to you all, oldy moldies, new people, the whole bit...back soon!


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