Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Cat 1 and Cat 2

It's probably silly to post about being thankful for the fur balls today, but that's what I'm thankful for today. Both kiddos had rough nights sleeping last night, not sure why, but they did. Cat 1, also known as big fat Boni cat, made a point to snuggle up with Gabe till he fell asleep and after that hopped up on top of the couch (Gabe was on the couch) and watched him for the rest of the night. Cat 2, also know as Bam Dingle Fritz Witkowski, was all snoogled up to Bits last night (The dream team, Bits and Fritz!) under her chin to help her fall asleep. After making sure she was fast asleep, he stretched out next to ME and put me to sleep. Something about a kitty purring softly in your ear and soft black ears to pet if you need to (Bam is also a black cat) are incredibly comforting. So thank you, Cat 1 and Cat 2 for putting us all to sleep last night!


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