Saturday, September 27, 2008


Something exciting happened this week! We found a house to move to. It's about fifteen miles west of where we are now, so it's "the country" but it's still close enough that we can get to things relatively quickly. It's a nice little house with plenty of closet space and a big ole yard to run around in. We're moving the weekend of October 24, anyone who wants to help us is more than welcome ha ha :D

We're working on packing and getting things set for the move, the kids are excited (well Gabe is anyway!) because the house has a baseball diamond AND a library across the street from it. The town is SO small, there are about 800 people there, it's the Port Hope of Illinois (for those of you reading from the Thumb, you know exactly what this means) So far, I've found a post office, a gas station/convience store, two churches, and a bar. Ha ha. Sounds about right. We are going to be close to Northern Illinois University so Geo and I can both go back to school when the time is right. All we need is a good pizza place in town and we'll be all set :D Geo is going to be driving a bit further than he would normally to work, but he's not worried about that, he's too giddy at the prospect of a rake and lawn mower and a big garage that he doesn't mind the drive haha. Weird-o ;)

Anyway...think good thoughts for us while we're doing the packing and moving, we'll keep you all posted AND I might even post a picture or two ;)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Casting call

Gabe got his cast off today. He'd been complaining of not feeling well since having the cast put on, he'd been rather listless and a bit "down" Today when they took the cast off they discovered the reason. He had a blister the size of my thumb on the outside of his heel and TWO blisters on the arch of his foot. The poor little guy was in pain but didn't know how to tell us. If we had known he was blistering they would have taken it off right away. He gained 6 degrees of motion, which is good, but he'll need another cast to get him back to "normal" they, of course, cannot do that until his blisters have healed completely. Poor little muffin :( On a positive note, he turned himself into a prune tonight in the about a happy kid!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Excitement Coming Soon!

We are getting ready for our first ever Witkowski Family weekend in less than two weeks!! We are going to have four generations of Witkowski's at our house on Saturday and we can't wait! Geo is lucky enough that he still has two living grandparents (Hi Grandma and Grandpa--can't wait to see you!) and his father and step mother live an hour from here. Geo's brother JD, his wife Katie, and their little sweetie Aubrey are making the trip down as well, so it'll be a very fun weekend, I'm sure.

We're starting the weekend with a trip to the Brookfield Zoo on Friday and then we're going to hike, play football, soccer, and frisbee on Saturday. Grandma the Great, which is what she's called around here, is bringing her melt-in-your-mouth meatballs and sauce and I'm going to offer up a grilled chicken Ceasar salad ;)

Sunday we're celebrating a first birthday (Aubrey's) and a first 29th birthday (mine) ha ha.

It should be fun and we're all really looking forward to on the lookout for pictures from the family weekend in the next two weeks or so ;)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Obama mama!

SarahAnne is absolutely CRAZY about Barack Obama. She loves loves loves him. We have a picture of him as our desktop picture right now and she will walk up to the monitor and turn it on JUST so she can see him. She'll stand there, point at him and say "Momma! 'Bama. 'Bama Momma!" I finally had to print a picture of him to tack on the bulletin board where she can see him whenever she wants. The whole way up to Michigan everytime she'd see the Obama symbol on a sign or see his name she'd throw her hands up in the air and exclaim "'Bama! YAY!" I think she's going to be mighty disappointed that she isn't able to vote in this election ;) I wonder if I should write Sen. Obama and tell him about his littlest fan? Heck, they have a house in Chicago, it's not like we COULDN'T get together for lunch one afternoon...he he

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Crazy week

What a crazy week it's been. We've had about two thousand appointments this week. LOL Bits went for her 18 month check up yesterday. She is 24 lb 7 oz and 32 inches tall. She is doing absolutely perfect in every sense of the word as far as the dr is concerned. Her vocabulary is huge and growing each day and she uses the potty a few times a day. She cannot get the flu shot this year, as she is allergic to eggs, but other than that, dr has no concerns :D Some of her newest words are: puppy, kitty, geese, duck, please, cheese, and honey (which she says as NANEY) So cute. She has the cutest little voice and an even cuter personality. She's definately a handful ;)

Gabe got casted today. He chose a black cast so he can be "Batman" Hey, whatever works. He'll more than likely be in the cast for two weeks, hopefully no more than that. The cast isn't bothering him at all, in fact, he got off the casting table and we BOTH had ot hold his hands so he wouldn't run! The therapist was following us saying "NO! NO RUNNING! You'll break your cast" All of the people in the waiting room were laughing at Gabe trying desperately to run with a big black cast on his leg. Quite amusing, really. Then, as we were walking out, Gabe decided he was going to hop on one foot down the hallway, thank GOODNESS we both had his hands because he was so off balance with the right foot being so much heavier than the left he he. Goofy kids all the way around today!

I have plenty of new pictures to upload BUT I had to reformat the computer thanks to Bitsy McNoseyPants and the computer is no longer recognizing the printer (which is how I upload pictures) It's always something. I will try and get it figured out in the next few days...I'm sure you're DYING to see new pics he he.

Have a great day!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Home again :D

After 13 hours long hours in the car, we made it home to flooded St Charles. Both of the kids and I are sick with a cough so we are lying low for a few days, hoping to recover before the weekend, which is supposed to be nice and warm. Hope you are all doing well, pictures to come in a day or two!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Adios...for now

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, we are heading to Michigan for a quick weekend trip. We'll be stopping in Grand Rapids to see Aunt Buzzy (Tori) and then we'll head up to HB to see my parents, my brother, and my neice and nephew :D Fun stuff! Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Little Mister Beckham

Today was Gabe's first soccer class; he enjoyed it immensely, in fact, he screamed his head off when we left, it was a pleasant way to end a great class...or not.

There are ten in his class, all of whom have been in soccer together so they know each other, however, knowing Gabriel as I do, that should be no problem at all, since he is pretty much the most friendly child I've ever met. He already has a little "girlfriend" She is an older woman :O Gabe's coach is named Chrissy, he finds that to be one of the most amusing things he's ever heard...what a goof ball.

Now to add shin guards and cleats to our shopping list and we'll be all set!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Laundry, again?!

It seems like I just DID laundry, doesn't it? Today, however, marks a day in Witkowski history...the laundry hamper and basket are both COMPLETELY EMPTY! You read that correctly, I have washed every single piece of dirty laundry in the apartment, even all the towels and sheets...Now I fully expect one of the children to get the flu and need all six sets of sheets I just washed, or perhaps Geo will decide the car needs a thorough wash and dry, by hand, and he'll use ten clean towels to do it ;) That is my kind of luck :D

I've noticed that our little blog here is getting all sorts of hits :D Nice to see that people are reading...however...being insanely curious I'd love to know WHO is reading us...drop me an email at or leave us a comment and let us know!

NOW...back to the task at hand, putting away all of this clean laundry-anyone want to help???

Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Day Trip

We took a quick day trip today up to Starved Rock, a state park about an hour and a half west of us. We hiked about three miles and enjoyed the scenery. It's an early night around here, as we are all very tired from all the hiking and fresh air...good night!

Bitsy found a bear that was the same size as her and was quite amused

Gabe found this rock and just HAD to sit on it...goofy little boy

Friday, September 5, 2008

Three Little Wits...

A few weeks ago, we had visitors! Aunt Katie, Aubrey, and (later) Uncle JD came down to visit from Michigan. Katie and Aubrey were here with us for a week, we did all sorts of fun things like go to the Lincoln Park Zoo, go to the Cosley Zoo, walk by the river, etc, etc. We decided to get all three of the kiddos pictures taken together. The picture you see above is the end result. Three little cuties, all belonging to the Witkowski Family ;) Obviously we have good genes...look how stinkin' cute they are!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

C is for Cupcake...

My little darling Bitsy is a bit of a chocolate fanatic...ok, a bit is an understatement; she LOVES chocolate. Today Gabe and I decided that since it was such a dreary, rainy day we should bake something...and we decided on chocolate cupcakes. SarahAnne didn't want to help us bake BUT she was more than willing to help us eat the end result...and wear it as well ;) It's supposed to be just as rainy and yucky out tomorrow...wonder what kind of mess the kiddos will get into tomorrow?!

From Witkowski Family Happenings

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


As a general rule, we listen to mellow music when the kiddos are awake and in the house, think Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Sarah McLachlan, you get the idea. Today while Geo took Gabe to occupational therapy and took Bits along with them, I put some Linkin Park (a rock group) in the disc changer and forgot to take it out. We turned on the disc player at dinner to listen while we were eating and that cd came into rotation. Gabriel, who LOVES rock music, said "ooooh who is THIS momma? I like them, they rock!" I told him it was Linkin park. He looked at me, very confused and said "uh Mom, Lincoln Park is in Chicago, not the cd player." I told him that the name of the band was Linkin Park, they were people, not a place. He walked off muttering about Lincoln Park being in the city, not being singers. He he. What a goofy boy...and in the spirit of Lincoln Park, I give you a picture of Gabe in Lincoln Park--the neighborhood, not the band ;)
From Witkowski Family Happenings

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It's electric :D

The area we live in has a gorgeous river, the Fox, that runs through the center of town. We have a huge park there that we love to walk in and play on the equipment there. This morning we took the kiddos there for a nice long stroll and then to play on the slides...It was an electrifying experience for Gabe...

From Witkowski Family Happenings

Monday, September 1, 2008

Laundry Day

In the Witkowski B.C. (before children) Era, two loads of laundry was all we did each week, generally one load was towels, sheets, blankets, etc. We added Gabe to our family and the laundry went up to between three and five loads per week. It leveled off when he was about two and we were only doing three or four loads of laundry per week. Enter hurricane Bits. We typically do five or six loads per week, not counting sheets and blankets. FIVE or SIX loads!! My God, how does adding one person to our family add THAT much laundry?

*sigh* The work of a momma is never finished lol

It's Labor Day today...and Geo just went to work. It's almost ninety degrees today and is supposed to get OVER ninety tomorrow. So much for the September cooldown, huh? Of course, in two months when it's thirty degrees, I'll be complaining that it's too darn cold ;)

My two laundry makers :D


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