Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Weekend is Here!

The weekend is here and we have George all to ourselves! This is his monthly weekend off...we all slept in FAR too late and then had pancakes for lunch. Gabe is doing so well in his new cast. It doesn't seem to even faze him that he has a bulky cast on! The only problem I'm finding is that bathing him is incredibly hard. Last night I actually put him in SarahAnne's little bathtub with his leg all wrapped up in a plastic bag and towels. That was FUN...or not ;) He seems to forget that he has the cast and has kicked George and I more than once with it, completely unintentionally, BUT it still hurt.

SarahAnne is on a nap strike. She has not slept all day, hopefully when she goes down for the night she'll stay asleep all night. Since her tooth cut she has been MUCH more comfortable and has been sleeping so much better. The past two nights she has slept 8+ hours!

Tomorrow we are all getting up early and going to church. They have moved into their new (temporary) location and we're all excited to see what it's like! After church Grandma and Grandpa are coming over to watch football and bbq :) Gabe is VERY happy Grandpa John is coming over...he's definately Gabe's favorite ha ha

I'm off to give little bits a bath...perhaps that will relax her enough to put her to sleep!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Oy vey! What a Day!

SarahAnne has been incredibly fussy the past week or so...I have found the culprit! A bottom tooth! It finally popped through just a few minutes ago. I can't believe she's big enough to HAVE teeth already.

We had an exciting day today...Gabe went to the ER because he was up all night coughing and vomiting. Turns out he has croup. He is feeling MUCH better after some steroids and a breathing treatment. He's currently in my bed snoozing away with his puppy Sam. I'll be getting him up soon so that he can eat something. His poor throat is so sore that the only thing he wants to eat is yogurt...luckily I stocked up on them yesterday when we went grocery shopping!

I am hoping, one of these days, to get some pictures up...let's see how that goes "the greats" I'm glad you are enjoying this :) love you!

Monday, September 17, 2007

It's doctor time~

SarahAnne went in for her six month check up this morning...what a big girl she is! She weighs 16 pounds and 6 ounces already! She has nearly doubled her birth weight and is in the 75th percentile for her age :) She is 26.25 inches long...she has gotten six and a half inches longer since birth! She's a beast! Her six to nine month pants are starting to get short on her. She's going to be a long legged girl I think. The doctor was quite pleased at how well she is doing physically. She is ahead of herself when it comes to crawling and scooting...we are in trouble now!

Gabriel had a physical therapy appointment today. He is going on Thursday to have a cast put on his right leg to help stretch out the tendon. *sigh* He is going to be casted for four to six weeks (hopefully!) and will do some serious physical therapy and wear orthodics again after the casting is done. The alternative to casting is surgery, and we'd rather NOT have to deal with surgery and recovery right now. We were told if Gabe had to go through the surgery he would also have to relearn how to took him long enough to learn to walk as it is, so we weren't so keen on the surgery option. He is still feeling pretty crummy though he is eating some food again. He and SarahAnne both seem to have a cold now, because apparently they like to share their cooties! Both of them are sneezing and have runny noses, Gabe's voice is hoarse though, so I am guessing he has a sore throat. Poor kid...he rarely gets sick but when he does he REALLY gets sick!

I will update on Thursday to let everyone know how Gabe's appointment went and perhaps I will be able to post a picture of him in his new cast.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Welcome to Gabriel and SarahAnne's very own blog! I hope to be able to keep everyone up to date on all the going ons of our two gorgeous little birds...and hope this will be a good place to do so!

As of today, Gabe is three years and two days shy of seven months old! SarahAnne is five months, three weeks, and five days old! Where did the time go!?

Gabe currently has a stomach virus-yuck-AND an ear infection. The poor little guy has spent more time in bed the last three days than he has in a week. The antibiotics seem to be doing their job for the ear infection, but the stomach virus is just kicking his little butt. He is barely eating-though drinking plenty-and is just so miserable. We took him out for a walk last night so that he could get some much needed fresh air. Tonight when Geo gets home, we'll take him out again and walk for a bit. Last night we walked for about twenty minutes and he fell asleep about twenty minutes after getting home...

I bought Scrabble at a barn sale yesterday and Gabe took every single tile out and put them in the squares on the board. The little goof ball. Gabe is ALL about playing games now. His favorite is UNO right now. He doesn't quite understand the whole game, but he does understand the colors and numbers part of it. We just don't use the skip or wild cards when we play with him.

He is such a good big brother. A few weeks ago, Gabe and SarahAnne's carseats had to be scooted next to each other out of necessity and now Gabe does NOT want them to be apart. The other night we had a rough night, we went to the cemetary to take flowers to Joey and had a flat tire out in the cemetary-of ALL the places to have a flat tire-then on the way home, SarahAnne decided she was sick of the car and she started to cry. Gabe was holding her hand the entire way home and was whispering to her "it's ok baby bella, i'm here. big brother is here. i love you. don't cry" then he sang to her...over and over he sang to her. He sang her "itsy bitsy" and "twinkle twinkle" his two favorites. We finally had to pull over so I could calm SarahAnne down and Gabe started to cry and said "i tried momma, i tried to be a good jobber and make her happy" George then had to take Gabe out of the car and comfort him (he was not feeling good at this point either)

SarahAnne...what a character. She is going to give me more grey hair than Gabe ever did. The child is simply a wonder. Last night she got up onto her hands and knees (!!!) and went forward a bit. Right before that she scooted backward and ended up UNDER the couch. All that was sticking out was her head and she had an "oh no, now what??" look on her face when Geo went to pull her out ha ha.

Sarebear-as she's known around here-has started to say "da da" much to George's delight. She was swinging earlier, looking around saying "oh da da. oh da da" I am guessing she was looking for her daddy so she could pull on his goatee or something fun like that.

Alrighty, this is long enough for today...more tomorrow after SarahAnne's SIX month check up!


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