Sunday, May 1, 2011

Well Then!

What an exciting past few days (she said in a sarcastic tone of voice)

First off, Gabe's MRI went well. He didn't have any issues with the i.v. or the anesthesia to put him to sleep. In fact, he had a liquid drug that made him goofy as all get out and it was pretty funny watching him and hearing him talk. Whenever he and I go to the doctor, we ask each other "ok, what's your number?" (on the pain scale)
He said to me, in a drug induced stupor, "Nine. No! Blue. Ha ha, I'm the magic number" It was hilarious. It took the edge off that was for sure. He went under fine and every single person who came in contact with him before and after the procedure (when he was awake that is) made a point to tell me how polite and sweet he was. Always a good thing to hear.

Thursday nights we've been going to an additional dance class to get ready for Bitsy's big recital in two weeks. We got to class and she was a bit lethargic BUT she'd spent the whole day with Aubrey driving Aunt Katie crazy, so I figured she was just tired. Halfway through class she started to cough so hard she was crying. She was miserable, so I made an appointment with our pediatrician for the next day. By the end of class she was coughing so hard she was starting to wheeze (By the way, I blame this ALL on our pediatrician who early in the week had asked if she still wheezed! Dang it Dr. S! ha ha) My throat had been sore all week, but I get strep throat all the damn time (I'm a carrier of strep, hooray) and around this time of year I always have a sore throat. 

We ended up going to urgent care where the doctor told me that Bits had strep throat. I said "well then, you ought to take a look at this" and opened my mouth. I swear he shuddered when he saw how swollen my throat was. He said "ok, then, you have strep also, let me listen to you since you've recently had pneumonia" Oh joy of joys! I STILL had pneumonia. Six weeks of feeling like crap apparently should have been my tip off. Bits got another antibiotic and is fine, I got my third antibiotic in six weeks and am finally starting to feel a bit more human. In addition to antibiotics, I got a lecture from the doctor about not coming in for a follow up. I told him I was pretty sure that pneumonia took a while to clear up and I wasn't worried about it. He conceded, that yes, it does take a while, but it shouldn't take this long. I suppose having pneumonia still explains why I am out of breath five minutes into a work out lately, eh?

Thankfully everyone else is feeling fine and we're all working our way back to normal. I am completely and utterly done with being sick. We are ALL ready for spring to be here permanently so we don't have to deal with this crap anymore.

I hope everyone is happy and healthy and a special congrats today to our dear friends Cindy and Trav who are celebrating 7 years of marriage today. Seems like just yesterday we were at their wedding watching them exchange their vows :) Such a lovely couple-we wish you guys only the best and can't wait to see you soon!!

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