Friday, October 24, 2008

Getting Settled

Hello out there from the Witkowski Clan!

We are just getting moved into our new place and will soon have new pictures to show everyone.

Gabriel just had his flu shot and did quite well with it. SarahAnne, being allergic to eggs, cannot have the flu shot, so we have to be extra vigilant with hand washing and covering our mouth this flu season!

Gabe sees a new therapist next week for a speech therapy evaluation. For those of you who have ever spent time with Gabe, you know that he is quite articulate and has a rather large vocabulary HOWEVER, he also speaks very very quickly and is often times hard to understand. We are hoping this is a one time visit with the speech therapist, though. Cross your fingers for us!

The whole family is caught up in election fever. We've been watching the debates and the kids have been throwing in their two cents. Bitsy generally says "Yay, Bama" or "Momma! Momma! Bama!" Gabriel, however, is a bit more clever. He says, when he sees Obama, "Hey mom, it's your new bicycle!" (from the website that says Barack Obama IS your new bicycle hehe) We were able to cast our ballots early due moving, so our votes have been cast-now we just wait to hear what the rest of the nation does in less than two weeks! to do some more unpacking...Geo brought a couple of pictures over and it's starting to look a bit more like home but we've got a ways to go!


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