Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Catching Up...Again

It feels like all I ever do is play catch up anymore with the blog...not to worry though, we should be back online next week and I'll get back to my regular posting again.

Gabe is well into his second week of first grade and is loving it...and if I can brag a bit about my little bird, he already knows ALL of the first grade sight words-FOR THE YEAR!! They sent home the complete list and he knows all 130 words already. Of course he does, all that child does is read. Honest to God, he gets into bed at around 7:30 each night and is generally still reading at 9:00 when I force him to put the book down. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to hear him and see him reading so much and really enjoying it. We've got "Charlotte's Web" on the shelf thanks to Aunt Buzzy and I think we're going to start reading that at night (and I will pray that unlike every single other time I read the book I won't sob dramatically at the end-I'm lying. I will sob, I know I will. I always sob, even though I've read it a million times and KNOW what is going to happen ha ha)

I have to admit though, I find myself missing Gabe during the day. I got so used to having him around that NOT having him around is really weird. The house is so quiet without him because believe it or not, Bitsy is actually a pretty quiet little thing when there's no one there to egg her on!

Gabe informed me that he has a girlfriend. I asked him to tell me what she looked like and he said "oh, let's see, she has a long brown pony tail *big dramatic sigh* hazel eyes, a nose and a mouth" Ha ha. I suppose that's all we really need to know, right? Also exciting for him this year is the addition of another GABE in his class. The high light of his first day of school this year was sitting with Gabe and comparing lunches. As it turns out, both Gabe's love peanut butter sandwiches and goldfish...

Now onto Miss Bitsy bee. She was going to start preschool this week BUT we decided with everything else going on that a January start date would be more appropriate for her. She's not upset about it as she's happy to be going to story time every Wednesday morning where she is one of the two "big" kids in the group thanks to everyone else going to kindergarten this year. It's been fun to see her personality come out when Gabe isn't around. She's, unfortunately, getting to the major drama queen stage. In fact, two nights ago, Bitsy was laying in her room with her cousin Aubrey and they were both crying...and in between sobs, Bits was catching her breath saying "I...don't...know...why...I'm...crying..." and then would sob again. *shakes head* I think we're in trouble.

We have a new addition to our family, a small black kitten with a white patch on his belly named Jax. The kids LOVE Jax; he's playful, cuddly, and conveniently fits into a doll sized stroller. *shakes head again*

Geo is working working working and I am working occasionally at the library and on the look out for a part time job now that we have someone to watch the kiddos if we need it. I helped JD, Katie, and Aubrey move in this past weekend (Geo's brother and his family) and have been pretty busy with helping them unpack and get adjusted. It's so nice to have family close by though :) The girls are absolutely loving being together...when they aren't sobbing dramatically or arguing about whether or not there are dogs at the zoo...

Hope you are all doing well...look for a massive picture post soon!

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Shay said...

Wow, it sounds like you've been busy! That is so adorable about Gabe! Zeke is a major reader too - he can't even really read yet much but he studies those books like he is reading them cover to cover!
I've missed reading your blog posts & tweets! :)


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