Monday, October 29, 2012

Welcome to Our Zoo

Because our life isn't nearly insane enough, for my birthday HH gave me a kitten. For those keeping track at home, we now have two children, a dog, and three cats. The dog thinks she's a cat, the eldest cat thinks he's an old man, the middle cat thinks he is a dog, and the little cat is quite frankly, crabby as all get out. It really keeps us on our toes having all these furry creatures running around the house. At any given moment you can find a cat on a bed, a dog on a pillow, and a child draped on one of the animals. I'm so glad we have so many furry friends, some might think it's a little bit crazy but not us; I'm just thankful (ha) we don't have a larger house or we'd be in big to break Bitsy's habit of begging for every animal we see at the pet store. This week it was a guinea pig, a few weeks back it was a bird, and the words "bunny" "fish" and "monkeys" have popped up in conversation as well :)

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