Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hello My Name is Chrissi

Annnnd I have a laundry soap problem.

Or rather, I have a laundry soap BUYING problem.

There are very few things I feel like I need to have multiples of as far as household goods go; the things I have to have multiples of are:
Boxes of pasta (at least two back ups at all times)
The Notebook on DVD (don't judge me, if you're a bird, I'm a bird dammit)
Diet Coke
Laundry soap.

The first three are pretty self explanatory, the laundry soap flummoxes even me. No idea why, but when I only have one bottle of laundry soap in the pantry I feel sort of panicky. Like, what if there's a laundry emergency during a blizzard and I don't have enough soap (highly HIGHLY unlikely scenario, but still, what IF?) What if people came over to stay for a day or two and I ran out of soap? The horror.

The odd thing? I'm walking distance to TWO places that sell laundry soap. It's not like I'd ever be in a position to NOT get more soap. I highly doubt that production of laundry soap is going to cease and it's going to become a black market hot ticket item. If I was smart, I'd make my own laundry soap. Apparently it's cheap and plentiful that way which might put me at ease a bit more.

So that's one of my quirks and I'm sharing it with all of're welcome (??)

Here are a few reasons I need to stock pile laundry soap...

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