Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Weekend is Here!

The weekend is here and we have George all to ourselves! This is his monthly weekend off...we all slept in FAR too late and then had pancakes for lunch. Gabe is doing so well in his new cast. It doesn't seem to even faze him that he has a bulky cast on! The only problem I'm finding is that bathing him is incredibly hard. Last night I actually put him in SarahAnne's little bathtub with his leg all wrapped up in a plastic bag and towels. That was FUN...or not ;) He seems to forget that he has the cast and has kicked George and I more than once with it, completely unintentionally, BUT it still hurt.

SarahAnne is on a nap strike. She has not slept all day, hopefully when she goes down for the night she'll stay asleep all night. Since her tooth cut she has been MUCH more comfortable and has been sleeping so much better. The past two nights she has slept 8+ hours!

Tomorrow we are all getting up early and going to church. They have moved into their new (temporary) location and we're all excited to see what it's like! After church Grandma and Grandpa are coming over to watch football and bbq :) Gabe is VERY happy Grandpa John is coming over...he's definately Gabe's favorite ha ha

I'm off to give little bits a bath...perhaps that will relax her enough to put her to sleep!

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