Sunday, November 30, 2008

Snow day!

It's snowing like crazy outside right now, though the kids can't be bothered to look outside...why? Because the Christmas tree is standing in the living room of course! Geo is at work and the kids and I decided to bring the tree downstairs and get it looking more like a tree than a crunched up mess of branches. So luck ha ha. Gabe and SarahAnne, however, are having a blast hanging various things off of the tree branches. We have a full sized Kermit the frog, a baseball, and a penguin balancing precariously off of the branches so far. Goofy kids.

We've all become *slightly* obsessed with Andrea Bocelli as of late. I just downloaded his Christmas album. If you've never heard Bocelli singing "Silent Night" or "Ave Maria" you do NOT know what you are missing. His voice is beautifully suited for this kind of music. (I'm actually inclined to think that his voice is beautifully suited for pretty much any kind of music, except perhaps, gangsta rap or maybe headbanging metal, but I digress ha ha)

We've been listening to Christmas music for the last few days. In our five disc player are the following discs "Winter Song" by Sarah McLachlan, "Noel" by Josh Groban, two Trans Siberian Orchestra discs, and a mix of classical Christmas songs sung by contemporary artists. It's really a nice mix of old and new music and a couple of different styles to keep everyone happy ;) Next to be added into the collection is "The Nutcracker" Gabriel, much like a certain someone I once knew, loves the Russian dance scene/song. I actually think that's one of my favorite parts as well...and will share it with all of you. For those on dial up, you probably won't be able to see the video, I do apologize!

Back to the laundry pile and silly children hanging things off of Christmas trees!

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Anonymous said...

Pix of the kids warm our hearts on these cold winter days and THE MAN, Bocelli, we have enjoyed him for maybe 4 or more years now and just heard him last night in fact.G the G


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