Wednesday, December 10, 2008

snow angels!

Last night after Geo arrived home safely-after an HOUR on the road-we all ate dinner, then decided to go play in the snow while Geo shoveled-he drew the short stick LOL The kids and I had a BLAST running around in the yard, making snow angels. SarahAnne, however, was the best of the bunch last night. She kept laying down in the snow and looking up (at the snow falling) and giggling her little head off. She didn't know that Geo and I were watching her, so the giggle was our of sheer enjoyment of the snow. It was fantastic. After about 20 minutes in the snow, my butt was frozen and they were both apple cheeked, so we came in and took a warm shower. We put on warm jams and sat down to watch a movie. Bitsy fell asleep part of the way through the movie and Gabe snuggled in between Geo and I with a comfy blanket. Over all it was a pretty wonderful night!
They aren't calling for any more snow for the next four days, so hopefully that time outside last night was enough to tide the kids over for a while :)

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erin said...

I know it sounds crazy, but we're so jealous! We miss snow! :)


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