Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I've been slacking ;)

Uh oh! Momma has been slacking on blogging, whoops!

We had a lovely Christmas, filled with lots of family and fun. We had a nice quiet New Year's Eve, Bits, of course, conked out hours before the ball dropped and Gabe stayed up until the bitter end so he could get his New Year's Kiss ;)

We picked up our new kitty and he's adjusted quite well to the house and kids. He spends most of his time sleeping in the sunlight on Geo and my bed, not that I blame him, it's the comfiest part of the house! SarahAnne seems to think Sammy is a pillow, Gabe thinks he is a playmate. Thankfully, he's very VERY tolerant of the kids and has yet to snap at them or use his claws ;)

We're getting ready, weather permitting, to take a short trip up to Michigan to see Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle JD, Aunt Katie, and Aubrey, not to mention Uncle Dave and the Michigan cousins. Let's just hope the snow holds off for another few weeks so we can take a small trip and see everyone.

Gabriel is quite the Chicago Blackhawks fan as of late. We went and ordered his birthday cake a few days ago, and of course, it's a Blackhawks cake. I also ordered SarahAnne's cake when I was there, that way it's one less thing to worry about as it gets closer to their birthdays. I can't believe in another five weeks I am going to be the momma of a five year old. It happened SO fast...and then a month after that, the momma of a five year old AND a two year old.

Of course, since Gabe is having a birthday, that also means he is going to be having two mri's, x rays, and yearly check ups from the orthopaedic doctor, neurosurgeon, and pediatrician. Fun stuff. Thankfully this year his mri's will be done at the local hospital, as opposed to having to drive two and a half hours-each way-to have them done at the place we usually have them done. We'll have a lot of driving to do in the next month or so, both his ortho and neuro are an hour and a half away-in good traffic-so that'll be fun-or not. I'll keep everyone posted, of course, about the outcomes of these appts. What I am hoping to hear from his ortho is that we don't need to see him until next February (as opposed to every six months now) and that the neurosurgeon will tell us we are done for two years, as opposed to every year. And on the plus side of ALL of this, our out of pocket deductibles for our new insurance will be taken care of with all of these appointments ha ha Look on the bright side, right?

Pictures to come soon, I promise!

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