Monday, January 26, 2009

Big Ole' Update Coming At You

I haven't done a proper update in quite some time, so here we go.

George: Lowe's has decided that they are doing some restructuring, which never seems like a good thing, does it? Thankfully, George won't be losing his position; the departments he manages are going to be split up, so he has a bit less responsibility but no loss of pay. He's actually relieved that they are being split up, the departments he runs keep him so busy he's bringing work HOME, which is a no no for our family.

Chrissi: I'm going to be a full time student again in the fall AND quite frankly, that scares me a bit. ha ha. Gabe will be in school, it'll just be Bitsy and me. I am going to probably take online courses the first semester and see how I do and go from there. I should have my registration info later this week...then the fun part, applying for scholarships, etc, starts!

Gabriel: He had his MRI's two weeks ago, we get the results next week. Overall, Gabriel is doing VERY well. He's only seeing his physical therapist once every other month and sees his occupational therapist once a week, however she is in Ghana right now on a mission trip, so he's taking a break from her ;) We are getting ready for Gabe's birthday party in a few weeks, he's decided on a Chicago Black Hawks party; the child is a hockey NUT. He knows half the players on the Hawks, and while they are his favorite team, he always roots on the other team as well. He he. So cute. He excited about starting kinder in the fall and always thinks the bus is coming for him (it goes by our house four times a day) poor kiddos has NO concept of time ;)

SarahAnne: The Bits. Well, she's a holy terror, hell on wheels, if you will, and just amuses us to no end. She is all about the potty lately, she steps onto her stool and perches her little booty on the seat and that's that. No help from momma or daddy at all. The little stinker is so independent it hurts ;) Her vocabulary is huge and lately when something happens that she doesn't like, she says "awww nuts!" To hear her say it just cracks us up to no end.

Sammy the cat. He has a new name, it just kind of stuck. We started calling him Samboni, because of the nutty hockey fans in the house and now he's just "boni" Gabe and Bits chase him and terrorize him like it's their job. And God love this cat, he's never scratched, hissed, or bit them. He is so tolerant of them. He has a "birthday"coming up soon, he'll be three. Gabe has suggested we "invite over a lot of cats" for a party for him. SarahAnne suggested that we invite Aubrey as well. So, you know, if you have a cat that wants to come celebrate a birthday, send him over :) Catnip toys appreciated :)

And that's that, I think that brings everyone up to speed. I will post when I know the results of Gabe's MRI and spinal x rays (later in February) Stay warm everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Chrissi -- THANK YOU for sharing this with me! Your kids are just adorable!!! I think you've ignited the "Mom flame" in me again...poor Jeff :) I'll check in often!!!


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