Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dear Gabriel

In a few short hours, you are going to wake up and be five. FIVE. My goodness, how the years have flown. It's seems like only yesterday I was telling daddy we were going to have you. After a tumultuous nine months of carrying you, you were delivered and whisked away to be fixed up. Sixteen days after you arrived, you came home and thus began the adventure in parenting you ;)
You've always had your own personality and what an amazing personality it is too. You are always quick to giggle, slow to anger, happy to give a hug or a kind word to someone in need, and even tolerate the pain in the butt sister you have. You're such a big boy, but in other ways, you are still momma's little baby. At night when you are asleep, I sometimes creep into your room to check on you. You are always splayed all over the bed with a sheet wrapped around you, the blanket half over your head, and pillows all over...but you always have your puppy Sam under one arm.
You bring such joy to our lives; ALL of our lives, from aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandpas, godparents, cousins, and friends. We're all so lucky to have you in our lives.
Happy birthday little man, momma loves you

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