Saturday, February 28, 2009

Uh oh

I have been SO lax about posting here; in my defense, it HAS been a busy week or so. Gabriel's birthday was wonderful; always so nice to be surrounded by family and friends. Tomorrow Aunt Buzzy (My sister Tori) comes to visit for four days and oh my goodness are the kiddos excited. Even Bits is ready for her to be here, a hundred times a day, she asks me "Buzzy train? Buzzy train now?" They can't wait to see her and I would assume the feeling is mutual ;)

We see Gabe's neurosurgeon FINALLY on Tuesday-we'e been rescheduled three times now! and after waiting FOUR months for insurance approval, Gabe will get his new orthodics to keep his ankles straight! Four months, jeez oh pete.

On to the pics, which is what you REALLY want :)

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