Sunday, October 3, 2010

Best Buddies

Last night Gabriel had a sleep over with his best buddy, D. They had a fabulous time rolling around on the ground, playing good guys-bad guys, eating popcorn and staying up WAY too late. Whenever D spends the night, the boys "camp out" on Gabe's floor and tell each other jokes and stories. It's amazing, that even at the age of six, the boys try to one up each other and try to make it sound like one is braver than the other. Last nights' story was about losing teeth-a popular subject around here-D retold the gory (eww, they WERE gory) details of losing three of his teeth and of course Gabe had to launch into the even GORIER details of losing his last two teeth.

I'm not sure if I blogged about it or not, but Gabe was fed up with having to wait for his teeth to come out so he went outside and bit down on our garden fence to pop the teeth out. (For the record; the garden fence is a thin metal fence completely covered in vinyl) He went on and on to D about all the "blood pouring out of my mouf" and then said "But the next tooth didn't want to come out either so I had to bite again" And bite he did...and in the process he damaged his gum. At this point, Gabe says "Dr. Lee says my gum was hurt and I shouldn't do it again. Ha ha, I got that tooth out though!"

The boys then took turns examining each others' mouths for what seemed like eons before finally deciding that it was time to go to sleep. Good thing they crashed when they did, since it was nearly midnight when those two boneheads settled down. Ha ha :)

I'm so glad to see Gabriel SO grown up and becoming part of friendships that I am sure will last for many years-if not life-we've always said that if Gabe had a twin it would be D and it seems to be truer and truer, as D recently grew about three inches and is now the exact same height as Gabriel.

It's hard to believe that Gabe is SO grown up already, seems like just yesterday we found out he was coming. Life moves pretty darn quickly...

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