Monday, August 12, 2013

One Month Later

Where has the time gone? I swear we just got back from New York and I vowed to get better about blogging again....good intentions, hand baskets, etc etc right?

It's been a nice summer; it's also nice that school starts next week because it's been a LONG summer. We drove approximately four million miles, spent eight two thousand dollars on gas and snacks, took 1.3 billion pictures, and enjoyed seeing our family-both sides-this summer, however, it is nice to be back into the routine of things. The kids start school next Wednesday, their bowling league starts a few weeks after that, and Geo and I start our Friday night bowling league in a few weeks as well. The weather at night has started to cool down (thankfully) and I can see hoodies in our future.

Gabe is currently in a stretching cast and to be honest, he's pretty pissed about it. It's only a week long cast this time so it's a bit tighter than usual and it's causing him a bit of pain. He's angry that he had to miss out on a trip to the pool (he sat next to it with his uncasted foot in the water sighing loudly, Mr. Dramatic :D)  He's angry that he's not able to go to the water park like we planned and he's just angry in general about the whole unfairness of the situation. He'll get over it, he always does, but in the meantime it's hard to see him so emotional about it. On the plus side, he won't need to start the 4th grade (FOURTH GRADE WHAT?!) with a cast so that's a good to just make it to Friday with Mr. Crabby McCrabberson.

Bits is currently working on another loose tooth and is SO excited about starting the first grade. She just can't wait. She got a lunch bag and she's been pretending to pack it every morning so she can practice having lunch. The biggest adjustment for her is going to be getting up and on the bus by 7:15 and being at school all day (she was in afternoon kinder last year) I see napping in her future for the first week or two as she adjusts to the new schedule.

I can't believe I have a first and fourth grader already. Time has just flown by. I swear it was just a week or two ago that Gabe was starting kinder, wasn't it?

Have a wonderful day...and I'll be back to the blog regularly not once a month ;)

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