Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thankful Thursday: My Little Nurse

I had to have a tooth pulled today; it's been giving me issues for a while now and I finally bit the bullet and made the appointment and actually did NOT back out of it. (As I did my last one)

So Bits is very interested in teeth; if she doesn't become a dentist I'll be quite surprised. Our dentist is super sweet and explains everything and let her watch Gabe's last cleaning in depth so that she knew what he was doing. Today she told me she'd definitely be going with me to my appointment in case it hurt. She said "I will just hug you tight if it hurts too much"

Off we went to the appointment, and yes, it hurt because duh, having a tooth pulled hurts ;) She talked to me and asked the dentist questions about what I should do when I go home and was a big help.

Tonight since the numbing meds have worn off, she's been the most attentive nurse ever. Bringing me an ice pack, gauze, and anything else she thinks I need. In fact, as I was sitting here getting ready to type up this entry, she hugged me, put her hand on my cheek gently and said "I'll sleep with you tonight momma so if you need your ice pack or anything I can just get it, then you don't have to get out of bed"

Such a little sweet pea my Bitsy girl and I'm so thankful for her :)

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