Monday, December 2, 2013

62 years

It has been sixty two years since the Greats said "I do".

Sixty two years.
Let that sink in for a minute...

In the last sixty two years there have been eleven presidents, seven popes, a man landed on the moon, the Berlin wall fell, we fought in Vietnam, Martin Luther King marched for civil rights and was later assassinated, Elvis and the Beatles rose to popularity, and the Internet was created. (among other things)

In sixty two years, the Greats have had three children, two grandchildren, and four great grandchildren. They've seen all of their sons get married, both grandsons get married, and have watched their great grandchildren grow.

They have been married six decades, more than half of a century. They've been married nearly twice as long as Geo has been alive, six times as long as Gabriel has been alive, and thirty times as long as their youngest great grandchild has been alive.

Sixty two years. That's 744 months, that's approximately 22,630 days, not including leap years. That's 543120 hours of marriage, 32,587,200 and 1,955,232,000 seconds.

In other words, that's a long freaking time...and it's AWESOME. They are to be commended. In an era where celebrity marriages don't last and you don't hear much good news there's this fact: two people have been married for sixty two years. Two people have lived and loved for sixty two years. I don't know about you, but I am in absolute awe of these two human beings. They exemplify for better or for worse, till death do us part, in sickness and health, and in richer or poorer. How lucky are we that we have an example like this in our lives to show us what marriage really is? Lucky us...and lucky them for all these wonderful years together.

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