Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tell the Truth Tuesday: Ten

I'm not one of those moms who wept over first birthdays or the first day of school. I didn't cry when they were baptized or took their first steps (though the first giggle did make me teary eyed hehe) Birthdays are fun, I love seeing the kids grow and see the people they are becoming. They have fabulous personalities and I truly do enjoy them as they get older, however in a month Gabe is going to be ten and it's absolutely panicking me.

TEN. A decade. Double digits. TEN. That means we've been parents for a decade (and still don't feel like we have a handle on it if we're honest) We've been responsible for another persons' well being for TEN years. Gabe, of course, is super excited. Ten is fantastic. Ten is closer to middle school, ten is closer to a facebook account of his own, ten is closer to I don't know, it's just TEN! Wahoo, ten.

It's weird to think that he's going to be ten because *I* remember being ten. I was in fourth grade and remember it fairly vividly. Time is such a weird concept, isn't it?

Here's to...ten *sigh*

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