Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wordless Wednesay (has some words)

I am an animal lover and can't resist any sort of animal at all, especially if they are in danger. *sigh* poor Hunky Hubby. Bitsy has inherited this trait from me in addition, she is the animal whisperer, I firmly believe she could tame the entire animal kingdom with just the sound of her voice and some treats.

So, that all being said, earlier this week, some mice showed up in our office (a regular occurrence, we are by open fields, it's been very cold outside as of late, and all of us are kind of slobs-good eating for mice lol)

Meet Cheezers and Trixie. They needed a home that wasn't, you know, my desk. It was too cold to put them back outside soooooo I took them home because what house isn't complete without mice. For those keeping track at home that's three cats (though one is completely outside now, little furry jerk) a dog and now two mice. And two children. And an HH to boot.

Bitsy fell instantly in love. She cleaned their bowl and fed them appropriate food and then disaster struck. Yesterday while at work, I received this message from her:

Then I received THIS message from her:

Daddy got her calmed down enough that she went to play with the other mouse for a while...and then I got THIS message:

Suffice to say, Bits was having a horrible day. Daddy saved the day by sending Bitsy and Momma out for Chinese for dinner but Bits was still upset by the whole thing. Won't she be surprised tomorrow when she wakes up to see this??

Big thank yous go out to Bam the cat, Betsy the dog, and hh the super daddy for catching mr/miss mouse and putting him where he belongs....

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