Sunday, April 6, 2008

Another Weekend Gone

Our wonderful weekend is drawing to a close. Both George and I were off all weekend; "Uncle" Joel came to visit for the weekend! The weather was gorgeous so we were able to be outside most of the time. Saturday we went to the Cosley Zoo, a wonderful little children's zoo in Wheaton. We spent time looking at ducks, petting a cow, and checking out a new little ewe. Today we were able to spend an hour or so at the park. Both kiddos were able to run around (well, as best as they can!) and use the playground equipment. SarahAnne's favorite piece of equipment was the swings. As we pushed her she giggled and clapped her hands. Gabriel just wanted to "excercise his muscles" as he said over and over. He climbed all sorts of ladders and even managed to climb up the rock climbing wall!

Gabe is going to a new physical therapist. His new PT, Brian, is a certified water therapist! Gabe goes in the pool once a week and leaves exhausted. He is going to be getting new casts-thank you growth spurt! in a week or so. We'll know more on Tuesday when we see Brian. Fun stuff :D

I will be updating this blog more frequently now, I actually forgot we had this blog set up for them. You can count on an update once to twice a week--maybe even more!

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