Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Four months?!

I had such good intentions when I started this blog for the kiddos. *sigh* what's the old saying about the road to hell being paved with good intentions?

Gabe and SarahAnne are getting so big...and are a joy to be around...and they are a handful. Ha ha. Gabe is no longer four, in fact, if you ask him, he will tell you that he is four and a half Bitsy is 17 months, and really not that bitsy at all. How did they get so old??

Gabe was downtown last week at Children's Memorial Hospital to have his kidneys checked. They are perfect according to his doctor. He is finally 40 inches tall and weighs in at 38.5 pounds. He's a beanpole, pants fall off of him and shirts are always too short. He wears a size 11 or 12 shoe, depending on the brand and whether or not he wears his braces. His current obsession is camoflage gear. I believe he has four pair of camo shorts now, green camo, that is, he also has one pair of BLACK camo. As we started shopping for fall, he just HAD to have a pair of camo cargo pants, as well as a pair of khaki cargos like Daddy wears ;) He loves muscle cars and can identify a Mustang from a block away, just from the way the engine sounds. It's to the point where we don't question if he is right or wrong when he identifies a car because he is NEVER wrong. Case in point, last night there was a classic car show by the house. From a distance he saw a car and said "That's a Shelby Mustang" I said, "Ok sure" and didn't think anything of it...until about ten minutes later when we ran out for something and ended up with the car in front of us. He said to me "oh there's the Shelby Mustang I saw" Of course, he was right, the plate had a holder on it that said "Shelby Mustang" *sigh* He's always right about cars.

SarahAnne...oh my little Bitsy. She is trouble. Capital T trouble. She is a climber, a jumper, a screamer, and a little lover. I have more grey hair on my head because of her than anything else in my life. She is shyer than shy around people but talks your ear off if she knows you. When you ask her if she wants something, she cocks her head and says "Hmmm, hmmm, um, yeah" and then will point to it, or if she knows the word, will say what she wants. She has started using the word "please" however, she seems to think that saying please will get her whatever she wants, even if it's something she is NOT supposed to have. She will repeat "please please please" in her breathy little girl voice until she gets what she wants OR until Momma tells her no enough. Ha ha. She adores Gabriel and loves nothing more than to climb up into bed with him and snuggle. Whenever they sit in the living room together, Gabe sits up on the couch with his long legs dangling over the side and she sits between his feet and more often than not, falls asleep there. She calls him Gabe sometimes, but mostly calls him "bruh bruh" Gabriel refers to her as "Bits" or "Bitsapova" (as in Sarah Bitsapova. She has one outfit that looks like a tennis outfit and Geo, the sports nut he is, jokingly said she looks like Maria Sharapova...instead she's Sarah Bitsapova...we're dorks, I know) She is scheduled for her 18 month check up in three weeks, so I don't have any recent stats on her. She's tall and chunky. She has rolls on her thighs and big chubby cheeks...our little Bitsy, such a little love.

I'll leave you with the promise that I will start updating more often...

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erin said...

Bitsapova...not so dorky. May be better than "Lu" stemming from "Gracie Lu Who" stemming from "Cindy Lu Who" because, alas, my daughter looks like she belongs in Whoville...especially when we style her hair just right. :)


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