Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Already?

Jeez, the week goes by so quickly! During the summer we don't go to summer because there is no Sunday school. Mr. Ants-in-the-pants McGee cannot sit still for long enough to sit through a church service, so generally we stay home during the summer. Hopefully Sunday School will start next Sunday and we'll start going back...Bitsy is old enough to be in her own classroom this year :O Whether or not she'll actually stay there is the question.

SarahAnne is one of the most shy children I have ever seen. She is so shy that when she is with a group of people, even family members (other than Geo, Gabe, and I) she rarely speaks and doesn't really interact with anyone. At her birthday party in March, she actually spent most of the day in her bedroom by herself, chatting to her stuffed animals. If we have family over, as we did a few weekends ago, she will check everyone out, then retreat to her room for a while. She gets overwhelmed quickly and some of our family still doesn't "get it" If people don't try to hug and kiss her and get into her face, she is fine. A lot of times we hear "she doesn't like ANYONE except you Chrissi" and the ever so popular "You need to stop breastfeeding her then she'll come to other people" (Yep, still nursing at 17 months ;) she's slowed down to only a few sessions a day but she is still nursing! yay) Just because Gabe has always been VERY social and willing to go to anyone and everyone (and still is) doesn't mean SarahAnne is the same way! Jeez oh pete's people, she's been this way for nearly a year and a half...

We decided to take a nice long walk this morning, we stopped for pancakes, hit up hallmark, and then went to the pet store. We are "regulars" at the pet store, ha ha, they know we don't have pets at home (big no no in our complex) so we go there a couple of times a week to get our pet fix. This morning we pet kittens, rabbits, guinea pigs, and a poodle. I believe Gabe pet a chinchilla as well. SarahAnne, as usual, was fascinated by the birds. They moved their display so the birds were at eye level for her. She was quite excited.

How about a picture of my sweet shy girl?

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