Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Day of Firsts

Gabe had two firsts today (ok, in the past 24 hours if you want to get technical!) Gabe had his first "sleep away" at Grandma's house last night and then, about a half an hour ago, he had his first bloody nose. He was so calm and collected about it. He came out of his bedroom and said "Hmm, Mom, there's blood in my nose" and his face was covered. WHAT? Of course your face is covered kid, your nose is bleeding like crazy. He said to me "I don't know what happened, I was fine and then there was blood, can you fix it?" Of course I can ;)

He had fun at Grandma's house, which was a good thing. He's spent all of one night away from us in four and a half years-other than the first 16 days of his life. I was nervous and nearly cried, nevermind that he was a mere 20 minutes from us, it might as well have been halfway around the Earth! He didn't want to leave Grandma's house this morning for Occupational Therapy. Grandma and Grandpa have video games, something Geo and I don't normally allow him to play and he was playing a car game happily when we came to pick him up. Poor Gabe ha ha ;)

Bitsy was BEYOND happy to see him this morning. She kept trying to kiss him. She was lost without him last night. She actually fell asleep an hour before her normal time to fall asleep! She slept in as well...Geo and I think we'll be sending him away more not really ;) They've been practically inseperable all day, which is cute. Sometimes Gabe acts like he can't stand her...but deep down it's apparent that he adores her. The feeling is very mutual.
A few new pictures of the kiddos
SarahAnne looks SO much older than 17 months when her hair is in pigtails!

I swear, if I could get Gabriel to open his eyes FULLY for a picture, I would fall over in a stupor!

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