Thursday, December 18, 2008

*note to self*

Four and a half year olds are notoriously bad with secrets. If there were ever any doubt in my mind that this is true, last night was a true case-in-point of that. I made George a special dvd containing pictures of the kids from the last year or so and needed to watch it to be sure I hadn't made any mistakes (and it turned out I did, so I was glad I "prescreened" it so to speak) Gabe and SarahAnne are huge narcissists fans of watching themselves on the big screen, so they watched with me. Last night after George came home, Gabriel loudly asked me if we could "watch Daddy's movie" I tried my hardest to ignore him and prayed Geo had gone temporarily deaf. He asked again and then said "Come on mom, it's on your desk" and walked over to it. *sigh* So Daddy got to enjoy his Christmas gift early from the children, both of whom were exceptionally pleased to see themselves on the television again.

Lesson learned, those who can talk will talk! Booo

Keep us in your thoughts today, we are looking at the very real possibility of a crippling ice/snow storm moving through here in the next twenty four hours, hopefully we won't get hit too badly...and Geo is off tomorrow so that's a good thing too, we may need to be dug out tomorrow.

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Rachel said...

Hi Chrissi! Thank you so much for your support on the eating issue. It is frustrating both with Blake and with all the others who think they know best. Glad to find you on blogger!
PS-- Bummer about the video suprise ruined, but what a great idea!!!!


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