Friday, December 26, 2008

Welcome to our "mew"est addition!

Meet Sammy, the newest addition to the Witkowski clan!!

Santa "Claws" left a note for the kiddos telling them to please visit his favorite animal shelter to pick out a new friend for our family, so today we piled into the car and drove through the fog and drizzle to meet our new little buddy. He passed the "Bitsy" test-you know, can he handle a rambunctious two year old tugging his tail (yes), trying to pick him up (yes) and trying to smother him with love (yes, he even purred) We knew he was the cat for us when Gabe leaned down to talk to him and Sammy moved his head up to meet Gabe and rubbed his cheek on Gabe's cheek. He also decided that Geo's lap is a great place to sit and purr and rolling over to have his belly rubbed is a wonderful thing. A week from today we will be picking up our new baby; he needs his last vet check, his nails clipped, and a bath...and we will become the proud new owner of Sammy...or should I say, we will be the proud new pets of Sammy ;)

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas...I'm still in the process of uploading pictures, expect a picture post in a few days!

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erin said...

Oh, how exciting! Congratulations! We just got back from our whirlwind holiday trip to MI...just catching up :)


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