Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Plug

Here's a little thing you need to know about me: I never recommend something that I don't like. I will not tell you that I use Blam-o brand washing soap because it's amazing while secretly thinking it sucks. I will tell you flat out, blam-o brand washing soap sucks. Here's another thing you should know: I'm not particularly brand loyal with the exception of a few things, diet coke being one of those things. I don't run one of those blogs where I'm paid with product or money to promote things (though, honestly, I really think Coke should pony up; I mean, I have a diet coke tag for this blog for frick-n-frack sake! Hey-diet coke people, you could throw me a bone anytime...)

Anyway, I digress, per usual.

My sister in law has recently become involved with the company Melaleuca. It's a company I recently became acquainted with on accident. When we moved, I found a bottle of dish soap with a weird name and being desperate, I tried it out. It was lemon scented, which made me really cautious. I can't stand anything lemon scented that isn't a, you know, lemon but I tried it anyway...and it was really great dish soap. I was kind of shocked.

So Katie got involved with them and I thought "Ok, I'll give it a try, why not?" So I ended up getting a package with random things in it. A few products I'm not so crazy about BUT there are some amazing things in there that I'd like to buy in bulk. Bits has super thick, prone to tangling hair and the shampoo they sent is the first shampoo I've EVER used without needing a separate conditioner on her hair and managed to only have two or three tears out of her rather than the normal twenty minute sob fest that accompanies hair combing.

I just used the mouthwash they sent for the first time and holy cow is it MINTY--in a good way though-and it's a really natural minty taste; not like a fake sucked a breath mint and two seconds later it's gone mint taste.

And then there's Renew lotion. I'd heard of it before even knowing about the product because of Bits-a-roo's eczema. I've heard really good things, like it makes eczema go away darn near completely, it's a heavy duty lotion, it takes the warts off of frogs (I made that one up) I got to try a sample when Katie did her presentation and thought it was ok...I got a bottle this week and holy crap. Here's the thing. I wash my hands A LOT. I do a lot of dishes. I wash things constantly. I am in the pool for about 40 minutes a day three to five days a week. My hands look awful. They're so dry and lotions with scents, while fine on my body, are hell on my hands. They burn and itch and blah. They SUCK. So I tried renew when I got the bottle and I thought "let's see how this REALLY works" and I'm pleased to say that after washing dishes, washing the floor, and multiple hand washings, I could STILL feel the lotion on my hands. I didn't need to reapply it, which was nice, after all I'm very busy and just don't have time for that nonsense (again, I made that up)

So there's my plug for omg amazing's the thing though-even the stuff I don't like works well. I have a thing with scents and some of the scents they use in their products turn me off-but that's alright-I don't need to like all of them. Here's another thing-the products are all NATURAL! NATURAL!! I love that. I don't like a ton of chemicals going where my kids are, hell, even where the cats are. I just don't like the idea of all that crap going into little (or big-or furry) bodies and Melaleuca is safe for all of us. AND it's affordable. It's not like some products that you get hooked on and then it's $50669.23 for one bottle. AND if you get the products and don't like it, they'll give you your money back-without having to return the stuff you don't like (which is awesome because I got a bar of soap that just makes me gag-I'm sure it's amazing but I can't get past the smell-and I'm going to give it to Katie for her presentation and get my money back-that's pretty awesome)

WELL Chrissi, that's all well and good but HOW do we get the product? Dear readers, I'm about to tell you (man, I wish I could wear a headset and say clever things like Vince from Shamwow does. BAM! You're gonna love my nuts! Martini, bikini, fetticini! Sham-WOW)

Simply click on Katie's website address right here! and contact her. Or don't look at her website, leave me a comment with your email address and I'll pass it along. Or email her at katiewit AT gmail DOT com Or email me, send me a smoke signal, send me a text, use Morse code, or even ASL and I'll pass your info along to her. Listen, I wouldn't promo this stuff if I didn't think it was check it out and see what you think-and then let me know how you like it!

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