Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First Field Trip

Today was Gabe's first field trip; I went with him and his 22 classmates, three other chaperons, and his teacher to Black Berry Farms, which is an apple orchard, among other things. The kids had a blast eating apple butter, checking out the orchard on a "hay" ride, and watching Tom (who was CRAZY as a bedbug, seriously) grind apples to make cider. Very interesting and enjoyable for the little ones.

This afternoon I spent my birthday relaxing and reading...what more could the birthday girl want?! he he

SarahAnne has begun talking in her sleep...she had a full conversation with Geo tonight about fixing her clothes *laughs* silly girl

On another, completely unrelated note, Mia Hays has still NOT been found...please keep her and her family (specifically her two year old daughter Bella) in your thoughts and prayers.

This birthday girl is tired...and will post again soon with pics of the kiddos...g'nite all!

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