Thursday, September 10, 2009

Young Love

Ah yes, Gabriel, my little ladies man. *sigh* Women of all ages adore him and he eats up their attention.

Last week, on the third day of school, Gabriel said to Geo and I, "Dad, can I wear some of your 'oderant?" I asked him what in the world he would need it for and he answered "So I can smell good on the bus" Okay, fair enough, daddy takes him to the bathroom and gives him a little bit of Old Spice deodorant. Gabe is sitting on the couch, smelling good when he drops this little bombshell "M* is good for kissing on the bus" Whoa, whoa, whoa, back that train of thought up little man, I think and ask, calmly I might add, "who is M and why are you kissing on the bus?" He informs me that M is his girlfriend and they sit together and she kisses him. *face palm* As daddy stifles giggles (that's right, Geo giggles, you read it here first) I calmly tell him that we do NOT kiss girls (or anyone for that matter) on the bus and that we may HUG our friends, but we are NOT allowed to kiss them. Gabriel says "But but but! SHE KISSES ME. I don't kiss HER"

I thought we had heard the end of the M saga, being that Gabriel is five years old and a fickle creature at best, until last week when we stopped into a girlfriends' house. Said girlfriend happens to watch M after school. M was there (and oh so cute, nice work Gabe ha ha) and so was her very large, very bald, VERY tattooed and scary looking father, who when introduced to Gabriel said "OH YOU'RE the Gabe M talks about" I thought it would be funny to share the kissing story. Bad idea. Lesson learned: Fathers do NOT like their daughters being kissed, even innocently by five year old boys who INSIST the girl was doing all the kissing, he was just there. M's father and I gave a joint talk to the kiddos about germs and kissing and that hugging our friends was fine but no kissing. Then M's father asked for Geo's cell phone number and his exact work address with a far off look in his eyes. he he. Just kidding. He was a very nice man actually and his wife was pleasant as well.

Oh Gabriel...getting so big so quickly.


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