Friday, September 11, 2009

An Itty Bitty Bitsy Update

As promised earlier this week, a Bitsy update. Oh Bitsy girl. What a little love, what a joy to be around, what a pain in my neck :P

Bits is nearly two and a half (just a few more days now) and is 100% two year old and 100% girl. Her favorite color is pink, she carries around a doll all day long, and sleeps with forty two stuffed animals and approximately sixteen babies*

She talks a blue streak, thinks her bruhby is the most amazing person ever, and torments the poor cat on a daily basis. She seems to think that Boni cat is her real live baby to play with, this morning I found her trying to give him a "bottle" of milk. To say that the cat was not amused would be an understatement (and God love that cat, he didn't scratch, bite, or hiss. He merely looked at me and I swear he sighed and shrugged his shoulders as if to say "she's two, what can ya' do??")

She and I are enjoying our mornings to ourselves. We put on our aprons, we do our housework, we usually cook something together. She gets excited when the bus pulls in the driveway and this afternoon she said to the bus driver "thank you for bringing my bruhby back to me" She hugs and kisses Gabriel like she hasn't seen him in months, then promptly starts to annoy him.

Bits has started doing somersaults all over the house (but thank God, not on the stairs) wears her "tip taps" (tap shoes) whenever possible, and is on the go from the moment she gets up until she finally collapses at night, snoring like a little beast.

Lately she likes to "help" me with my hair. Apparently she overheard me telling Geo I'd like to get highlights in my hair because yesterday while I sat on the floor working at the computer (my desk is currently a box and a footstool, don't judge me!)she took a yellow highlighter and proceeded to write all over my forehead and hair. I was fairly engrossed in my homework so I didn't notice that it was indeed a yellow highlighter until the giggling started-I was just relieved she hadn't tried to pull out my earring again to be honest, and didn't figure she'd ACTUALLY write on me. *sigh* Oh well...

Now it's off to chase Bitsy down and see if we can get a nap in before we go bowling tonight...odds are no one will nap, but we'll give it the ole' college try!

*give or take a few dozen at any given time

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