Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Adventures in Casting

The last time Gabe was casted, we decided to document it for posterity his classmates so they understood how Gabriel got his cast...I thought I would share a few of the pictures with all of you :)

First Gabe's PT, Brian, stretches his ankle and muscle to see exactly how much range of motion he has. He had 8 degrees of motion in this picture (18-20 is normal)

The casting process begins...a big cotton sock to protect his skin from the plaster

The plaster is put on-the worst part of this for Gabriel is that Brian (or whomever is doing the casting) has to push on his foot/ankle to get it into the proper position to stretch out that muscle. They obviously cannot measure him while he's in plaster, so they just push as much as they can and hope they get a good stretch

Now for Gabe's favorite part, the colors! The top layer of his cast is fiberglass; it's lightweight and colored. He usually chooses either orange and blue or red and black (Bears and Blackhawks-he's Geo's son for sure!!) This time, however, he got black and orange for Halloween (they were out of blue and red ha ha)

and now we're finished; I tried to get Gabe to sit next to Brian for a picture together, instead they decided to make funny faces at one another :) Mr. Brian is fabulous, we're so lucky to have him as Gabe's physical therapist!! In case anyone was wondering, Gabe ended up gaining 10 degrees of motion after three days in his cast-back to normal!!

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