Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Three Weeks and Counting

It's been three weeks since Mia Hays went missing; three weeks since anyone has seen or heard from her, three weeks since her sweet little Bella has been with her, and three weeks since her mom, who adores and dotes on her has seen her. It's been three weeks and yet...there's barely any headway being made on her case. After an exhausting day of dealing with the media, I managed to get a few things in the news, but that was two weeks ago. This weekend we went to the Scare Crow Festival in St. Charles and passed out missing fliers; our rough estimate is that we got out about 700 of them in a two day period. There are a few different facebook pages set up for Mia, there is a blog set up for Mia, and we, her family and friends, continue to make calls, send emails, and talk to people about her disappearance.

The most difficult part of Mia's disappearance for me is that it's leaving me with a very unsettled feeling. A month ago, I had no issue with the kids going to the arcade in the bowling alley a few feet from the lanes by themselves, now I'm so paranoid something is going to happen that I am hovering. I want them near me as much as possible, especially in public. I know that if they are WITH me, they are safe. As I've begun working more and more on finding Mia, I'm being contacted by people with missing children of all ages. Yesterday I was clipping coupons and came across a "Have you seen me" that made me full on sob. The girl in question went missing at 8 and THIRTY YEARS later she was still missing. Thirty years. I cannot even imagine the anguish that family has suffered, worried for thirty years where their little girl is. I wonder how that family has even managed to move on with their lives knowing a piece of them is gone. Awful, just awful.

I hope that everyone will continue to keep Mia and her family in their prayers, I've spent a considerable amount of time with Mia's mom and daughter in the last few weeks and know that they are hurting, they want, they need, they must HAVE this missing piece of their family back. Take a look at this picture, if you've seen Mia or even THOUGHT you've seen Mia, contact the Geneva Police at (630) 232-4736.

Thank you

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