Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Five-Cookies

1. What is absolutely the best cookie you’ve ever had?
My mom's chocolate dipped peanut butter cookies OR her oatmeal butterscotch cookies *drools*

2. What is a cookie you really don’t care for?
Oatmeal raisin

3. What are some other cookies you are rather fond of?
Go to bed mints made by my mother in law, these crispy chocolate cookies Grandma Wit makes, chocolate chip cookies, and macadamia nut cookies

4. Grocery-store cookies are, of course, never as good as anything that comes out of someone’s kitchen, but what’s a packaged cookie that’s still pretty good?
Mmmm I love those Keebler cookies with Reese's pb cups in them

5. In general, do you think cookies should be chewy and gooey, or should they be crispy and crunchy?
Chewy and gooey for sure.

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therev_runs said...

you know, I begged mom for her recipe for oatmeal butterscotch, only to find out she gets it from the back of the butterscotch chip bag...I made them and they weren't nearly as good as hers...I was disappointed.


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