Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday Five-A Day Late and a Dollar Short :P

1. Why aren't you blogging?

Because of a snafu with our internet provider, we're off line at home right now. Because we live in the middle of a corn field, we have very limited options for providers, so we're making calls to see who can hook us up again :)

2. How are the kiddos?

Sassy as ever. Gabe lost his two top teeth and had a visit from the tooth fairy (and was disappointed that she didn't leave him a note, he literally tossed the money aside looking for his note ha ha)

SarahAnne is...well she's SarahAnne, sassy and sweet all at the same time. Constantly cracking us up with things she says.

3. How are you and Geo?

Doing well; getting ready to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary on the 28th :) Geo's working a lot lately (though he's off this weekend) and getting ready for inventory at work. He's currently looking for a position at a closer store so he can be closer to home-wish him luck! I'm fine and dandy as usual :D Doing a lot of reading (Love that summer reading) and getting ready to start my part time position at the library :)

4. And the garden...

Fabulous. We've been eating a TON of fresh veggies for the last few weeks. We're planning on expanding the garden to epic proportions next year...I wonder if we'll have any yard left by the time we're done?

and finally...
5. Do you miss regular blogging?

Yup I sure do :)

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Shay said...

I miss youuuuuuu!


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