Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Garden Update

It's been a while since I posted about the garden, so here it goes:

We've finished all of our radishes. We had a few that were the size of small apples! They were super tasty sliced up in a salad made from lettuce we grew :) The peas are about done. They were excellent; sweet, juicy. Next year, however, we will be building them a trellis rather than using cotton string to help them. It did NOT work like we wanted it to. Lesson learned. Last night we had our first bean harvest. Because we're apparently insane about beans, we have six different varieties in the garden: Three Grandpa the Great sent us (the long green beans are amazing G da G!) green beans, yellow beans, and purple beans. I've had to stop Geo from eating the itty bitty beans straight out of the garden-you've got to watch that guy, he'll eat just about anything from the garden :P

Our cherry tomato plant, which we thought we lost after the last big storm blew it straight over has apparently decided to become an over achiever. There are close to fifty tomatoes on the vine (none of the red yet though...come on cherries-ripen up!) I have a feeling we're going to have tomatoes coming out of our ears. Thankfully there are a few people we can share them with :) The "big mama" tomato plant FINALLY has a tomato on it. The Big Mama is an organic hybrid (apparently) it's supposed to be a ginormous Roma tomato from what I understand. Guess we'll see. Our third tomato plant, which is either a Roma or a Big Boy (I am assuming it's a big boy based on the shape of the tomatoes) has about six tomatoes growing off of it. Considering we dug the plant up and threw it in a pot because a storm cracked its' main stem, I'm surprised it's doing ANYTHING.

Our pepper plants are completely and utterly out of control. If we get HALF the fruit that it's trying to produce we are going to be eating green peppers until November! We have four California Wonder plants and one sweet red chili (that was an accidental buy to be honest) All of them are doing amazing. There's a pepper that keeps calling my name. Geo eats the beans and peas, I just want the peppers...mmmm green peppers...whoops, sorry. The robins ate all the damn leaves off of our pepper plants early in the season and we weren't sure they'd grow at all. They proved the robins wrong (thankfully)

We finally have flowers on our summer squash and zucchini-yum.

The pumpkins...oh my the pumpkins. If we get HALF the pumpkins off the vine as there are starter pumpkins no one in Maple Park will have to buy a pumpkin this year. Our pumpkin plant LOVES the spot it's in and has been sprouting between two and six flowers a day(!!) Not too shabby for one little plant that had a broken main stem after one of the hellacious storms that ripped through our little part of the globe in the last month!!

And now...the pictures :)

The overachieving cherry tomato plant

G da G's beans

Mmmm come to momma little peppers

This was taken three days ago-it's is a significantly larger plant right now.

And now a few of the lilies we've been waiting to bloom for at least a month now!

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