Friday, August 26, 2011

The First Week of 2nd Grade

The first week (WHAT?!) of second grade is nearly over. I'm not even sure how that happened. It's been an eventful week to say the least, full of epic momma failings he he. We had supply drop off and Gabe's teacher handed me his name tag and said "please be sure he wears this on the first day" No worries, I stuck it in my wallet where all important things go and then promptly forgot to stick it to his shirt before he got on the bus. Whoops.

How do you follow that up? Oh let's see, how about mixing up bus times so that your kid misses the bus on the second day of school? Yup, that was what I did for an encore. As Gabe and I were walking to the car so I could drop him off at school he said to me "Jeez Mom, way to go, it's my second day of school and I'm already missing the bus"

So today is day three and what will I mess up? NOTHING! His lunch is packed (and double checked!) he has an appropriate snack in his bag for breakfast, a full water bottle, his gym shoes AND his art shirt. The bus leaves in a half an hour and I'll be down there in 20 minutes! I'm guessing, though, given my luck, I'll probably forget to get him off the bus and he'll wander up here scowling, wondering to himself how he got such a negligent mother. I suppose at least, he'll have something to talk about in therapy when he gets older, right?

As an aside, it's recently come to my attention that people seem to think that I'm singling them out when I blog, that my blogs are an attempt to brag about how *amazing* and *wonderful* I am. Let me say this, I started this blog to chronicle my children growing up for family who doesn't live nearby to see what they're doing on a regular basis. Oddly enough if you go back to my first few entries (and you can't right now because I have to fix my url and I'm not quite internet savvy enough to fix it at the moment) it's nothing but "bitsy can say these words: blah blah blah" or "Today Gabe helped me plant our herbs. Look at all the cute pictures" In recent months, I've become more vocal about politics and things I observe. I am going to have to put a disclaimer on my blog, much like the ones in the front of books, "this is a work of (mostly) fiction, identifying names, events, and places have been changed to protect people. Any resemble to people, past or present, is purely coincidental." Because while I may blog about seeing my family or throwing my niece in the pool with Gabe and Bits, when I blog about feminist issues, parenting issues, social issues, etc I'm not blogging about anyone in particular. I'm a reader, an AVID reader. I often see articles on line that spark my interest and this blog is my outlet to say what I have to say about the things I wonder about. Oddly enough, yesterday Geo came across my "potential blog ideas" list and said "what in the world are these? These don't make any sense together" well of course they don't, they weren't meant to be read in order or as a list of things that make sense!

If for some reason, you come across a blog and immediately think "that Chrissi is such a b*tch, here she is blogging about ME and what I'm dealing with" please take a second and ask yourself WHY I would chose to single you out on MY blog. Take a second and think to yourself "Gee, do I maybe have some issues that I need to work out and it's being vocalized here?" I blog about current events, I blog about things that bother me, I blog about whatever the heck I feel like blogging about, without any regard to what other people may say or do or think about what I am blogging. So here it is: My blog is not a direct reflection of any one thing or anyone person in particular; I write to get things out of my system, I write because it gives me a little bit of spending money every once in a while, and I write because I enjoy it...and with all that being said, if you're so insecure that you think every single thing ever written on this blog is about you, perhaps you ought to look a little more closely at yourself-you're projecting your own insecurities on to me and I simply do not have the time, patience, or desire to deal with it. I deal with more than enough in my own life that I don't need you projecting on to me too.

Now back to your regular scheduled blogging about cute kids, annoying rants on feminism, annnnnd whatever the hell ELSE I feel like talking about :)

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Jen Chernoff said...

we forgot Jonas's nametag first day of kindergarten. I think that is a test of parents. Why would it be so hard to just put the nametags on their desks? It's not like kids don't enjoy sticking things to themselves!


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