Monday, August 6, 2012

The power of a smell

Growing up, my grandparents had a farm. I spent quite a bit of time there in the summertime, chasing chickens, petting the pigs, and the most fun thing of all, following the barn cats around the hay loft. There were always tons of the buggers running around which was fun for all of us to play with. Sure we got scratched and were filthy when we were done at the end of the day but it was summer time and no one cared.

Today the kids and I went to our favorite 1890's farm and pet the animals, traipsed thru the fields and even chased barn cats (I succeeded in catching one too haha) we went into the hay loft and suddenly I felt like I was ten again with skinned knees, hay in my hair, and filthy nails. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and was immediately transported to my grandparents barn. If I listened hard enough I could almost here my grandmother talking to her animals. It was heavenly.

It was short lived though, because bits yelled "hey mom! Open your eyes" and Gabe muttered "yeah do you wanna run into something??" and back to reality I came. It was nice while it lasted though : D

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