Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mommas helping mommas, day 2: Carla

Today is day two of mommas helping mommas week and today I'd like to tell you about my friend Carla.

Carla and I have known each other for many years, we met online and met in person and fast forward to all these years later and she is someone I see as family :) Geo and I were both in her wedding a few years ago and and we've gone through a lot together. Carla has five amazing kiddos, Perrin is her youngest and was born with a host of special needs...though you wouldn't know that now to see him in action. Last weekend I got the chance to go visit them and Perrin walked by me for the first time...and I cried as if it were my own kiddo walking for the first time (truth be told P is a lot like Gabe and I hope he continues to make all of us cry the way Gabe has!)

Carla's lovely momma, Marsha passed away unexpectedly last weekend. Marsha was a lovely lady; I'd met her a handful of times and she was kind and funny and loved Carla and her grandbabies more than anything else; it was evident she felt that way just by watching her watch Carla or the kids. She was one proud Momma watching Carla marry her very own hunky hubby Louie a few years back.

Carla, as I said, has five kiddos and she is a stay at home momma to them. Louie is a hard worker and provides for them the best he can (and Carla helps by cooking awesome meals from scratch and crafting and all sorts of other good stuff) however the costs that came along with the funeral were too much for them to afford, so they're taking donations toward funeral expenses. Any amount you could donate would be fantastic...even a dollar would make a difference especially since Louie is about to have spinal surgery and will be off of work for a while. As before, if you can't help, don't sweat it, but please keep them in your thoughts.

In Memory of Marsha
and of course, since everyone loves a picture...

In Memory of Marsha

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