Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mommas helping mommas, day 3 Eri

Tonight's mommas helping mommas post is in honor of my dear dear friend Eri; she is truly one of the people in my life that I love most. I am fairly certain we are sisters born to different parents. The last year has been really rough on Eri; she went through a really nasty divorce and is now a single parent raising her two boys with very limited help from anyone except those very close to her. Eri has been battling health issues and recently had a procedure that put her in bed for a few days without any way to get up and take care of the kiddos or cook meals or any basic day to day stuff. Thankfully she had a friend who could help but lord knows, everyone could use a helping hand once in a while.
Eri is one of those people who would literally give you the shirt off her back if she knew you needed it and now it's time to pay her back in kind.

 I've set up a meal train fund for her on line to give her a hand with meals for the boys and herself and I'm going to link you to that...but more than that, Eri needs encouragement. It's hard working raising two boys by yourself on a very limited budget and when you're battling health issues of your I'm asking that if you can help with the meal train, please do BUT if you can't (which is OK, I promise) maybe you can drop by her blog Ho Hum Home and leave her a comment encouraging her. As for the meal train, most people are not going to be able to actually drop off a meal BUT a gift card to a local restaurant would be great or a visa gift card for whatever she needs would also be fantastic.
Eri's meal train Feel free to contact me via email if you need a pay pal address or way to send her a gift card at

and as always...a picture :)

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