Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mommas helping Mommas Week Day 1

(this week instead of cute anecdotes about the kiddos and pets I am going to be doing a post a day that will introduce you to someone who needs some help; we've got a six different women in need and I'd like to see what we can do to help them. If you are unable to help, perhaps you can share the blog link and maybe someone else can help. thank you in advance!)

My friend Kris is all sorts of amazing; she has five gorgeous daughters, is married to a sweetheart of a man who has taken on her four girls as his own, deals with chronic pain and yet manages to work still, and is a very involved parent. She's the first to help someone out whenever she can and when she can't help, she tries to find someone who can. Kris is now in the position of needing some help. In her words:

My ex husband and I have four kids together.  He put us through years of financial hardship, including evictions.  We have been divorced for four years now. I'm happily married to the man of my dreams now and we have one child together. I work retail, as many hours as I can, and my husband works two jobs.  We are working together to dig me out of the hole my ex husband left me in.  The ex is still trying to keep interrupting my life and my attempts at bettering myself and fixing my credit, and is ignoring key aspects of our divorce decree in the interest of his own financial gain. I have the kids more than 80% of the time.  My husband and I pay co-payments, costs for school trips, for extracurricular activties for the kids, and now we even have drivers ed coming up (which he's also refused to help pay for).  I have multiple medical conditions but still work as often as I can for my family.  We cannot pay out-of-pocket for an attorney retainer, which is why I have created this page.  A friend of mine pointed me to this site trying to help.  I just need to fight for what is right.

She is still looking for help with lawyers fees so if you're so inclined perhaps you could pop on over to her page and donate a bit. Kris's page

Maybe you can't help her financially (that's OKAY really, it is!) but maybe you know a lawyer who takes on pro bono cases in the South West part of Michigan, maybe you ARE a lawyer and want to help a family who needs some help, maybe you've been through this situation and can offer some advice. I have such creative and amazing readers on my blog that I'm sure we can give Kris and her family some help, right??

What blog post is complete without an adorable photo? Here we have Kris and her youngest :D
One more time...Kris's page


JD, Katie, and Aubrey said...

What part of Michigan is she in? There is an attorney here in Adrian that does some pro bono work.

Witkowski Family said...

she lives in Grand Rapids-but if you want to message me the info via fb or email, I will pass it along to her! thanks!


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