Monday, April 14, 2008

An All SarahAnne Update :D

Our little Bitsy...she's just the sweetest little thing. She is talking up a storm and doing all sorts of things that her big brother only DREAMT of doing at her age :D

Words she says:
Bruh bruh (brother)
wa wa (water for the fish, of course!)
bye (a new one this weekend!)

She loves music and dancing. She loves "Baby Mozart" a Baby Einstein dvd, she loves to play cars with her bruh bruh. She loves bubble baths and grilled cheese sandwiches. She loves the fish tank and the gerbil. She will eat ANYTHING that doesn't eat her first, and even then will give it the ole' college try ;)
She does NOT like strangers, she does not like anyone approaching her. She does not care for dogs and only likes cats if they can't reach her, ha ha. She does not like beef, unless it's filet mignon (good taste!) She does NOT like it when she doesn't get her way ha ha

She walks all over and is starting to finally get the hang of running-a little bit. She likes to try to jump on the trampoline. She climbs on things now and her favorite thing to give us grey hair is to STAND on her brother's rocking chair and rock it. She gets on Gabe's bathroom stool to try and get into the bathroom sink. She stands in the bathtub, she likes to put her face underwater. She tries to turn the water on in the bathroom-thank God she can't. Her favorite thing to do is try and flush things down the toilet when we aren't looking :O

She's just the sweetest little thing; we're so happy to have her in our lives

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