Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Update :D

Our weekend was pretty darn good, if I do say so myself :D It was absolutely gorgeous out all weekend, so the kids were able to be outside most of the weekend. Yesterday Grandma and Grandpa (Dad and Caren) came out to our place for a bbq. Miss SarahAnne called Grandpa "grandpa" not once but TWICE!! What a big girl. She also gave him a hug AND a kiss, unsolicited, which if you know SarahAnne is a big deal :D She rarely hugs or kisses people, unless you ask for it, even then you don't always get it. She's learned to blow kisses as well, which is about the cutest thing ever.
Gabe gets his cast off tomorrow, thankfully. His foot is starting to REALLY smell ha ha. He has a funny new habit of calling George "your husband" when he talks to me about him. If he gets up in the morning to find that Geo isn't home he'll say, "hey mom, where's your husband at?" it's hysterical.
This weekend we are taking a little road trip to Tennesse for Geo's sister Faith's baby shower. Gabe is beyond excited. It should be a nice little trip; the weather is supposed to be nice and warm which will make it even MORE enjoyable. When we get back, Geo's grandparents will be here from New York-yay! We haven't seen them since last fall :D Boy are they in for a shock with Bitsy...the last time they were here she was just crawling and not making a whole lot of noise...she's a walking, talking, eating, climbing, running machine now :D

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