Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Casting Call

Yesterday Gabe got his cast off! He has gained six degrees of movement, which is completely normal. His PT wants to do another cast but is going to wait another week or so to put it on him. He has two blisters from the cast and we are going out of town, so we'll see how he measures next week, hopefully he hasn't lost more motion!

Mr Gabriel is a *bit* sassy as of late. Today he was outside and his ball rolled under the porch door. He said "Hey, girl [meaning me] please get that ball. YOU girl! open that door!" He also refers to George as "my husband" even when talking about something he and Geo have done together, before it was just to me about something Geo and I had done. :O What a goofy kid.

The kids have been enjoying the sun the last few days. Yesterday we went to the "rocket" park (it's a park with a huge rocket ship slide) and when we walked in there was a pretty boxer puppy sitting by a bench with his owner. SarahAnne immediately fell in love and started to walk toward the dog, pointing at her, saying "mine mine mine" We pet the dog together, her name was Rosie, the dog gave her a kiss and SarahAnne turned around and walked back to see Gabe. It was very cute. Tomorrow we are meeting up with some friends at another park to hopefully wear our children out enough that they'll nap tomorrow afternoon ha ha.

George and I are both hoping this weather holds on thru the's just been glorious. Gabe and I planted some sweet peas and morning glories...I've been rotating them to get good sun and one batch has bloomed already...however, I'm not sure if they are the peas or glories...the other side didn't do ANYTHING .I am hoping they are the morning glories, I am pretty sure they are actually, based on the leaves. I love morning glories and plan on putting them into a planter that will allow them to grow all the way around my porch so they are the first thing I see when I look out in the morning. We are also going to attempt some patio tomatoes as well, we'll see how THAT goes.

Have a lovely evening everyone :D

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